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How can auctioneers use your site?

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How can auctioneers use your site?
« on: January 29, 2014, 10:11:10 PM »
Dan asked: I'm an auctioneer in California and I and I was wondering how auctioneers can use your site?


Unlike our competitors, encourages auctioneers to get involved. There is no denying that online storage auctions are the future of our industry and the auctioneers who take advantage of this technology now will be better prepared when online storage auctions are commonplace.

One of the best things about online storage auctions for auctioneers is that you'll recover more money for your storage facilities and at the same time increase your earnings. Also, if the auction is listed online and in-person, there will be fewer people at the live sale which saves you time.

Once you register, you can begin posting your auctions immediately. Just take several quality images of the unit and fill out the form which lists the details of your auction. We will handle the rest of the marketing for you by sending your auction to other major storage auction websites like AuctionZip, Storage Auction Forums, Storage Unit Auction List, Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News, California Storage Auction News & Craigslist.

You can list your auction a few different ways. If the storage facility is located in a state where online storage auctions are legal, or if it is not a lien sale, you can have the auction exclusively online. If the storage facility is located in a state where online storage auctions are questionable, you can list it as an online & in-person sale. Simply schedule the online auction to end 1 hour before the live sale at the facility begins.

At your live sale, you will start the bidding with the highest online bid. If the highest bid comes from the live sale, simply notify the online winner that they were outbid. If no one at the live sale bids, the online bidder is the winner. You will then notify the online bidder that they have won the unit.

We do not handle any financial transactions. Buyers are instructed that all sales are to be made at the storage facility, in cash, within the time specified in the auction description. Once the buyer comes in to pay, you can have the storage facility manager set aside your commission.

If for some reason the highest bidder doesn't pay, you'll have access to the phone numbers and email addresses of the other bidders. Buyers are also informed that if they don't pay within the time specified, their unit will be re-sold to the next highest bidder and their IP address will be blocked so they can no longer use the site.

So how much does it cost you ask? Not a dime. Our service is completely free. There are no seller fees or buyer's premiums. All we ask is that you be a walking billboard for us. Tell your friends and colleagues about us. If you have a website and want to show your support, consider linking to us.

Once again, we encourage you to get involved. If you're unsure whether online storage auctions will work for you, you can test the waters by listing one unit for sale. We guarantee that you'll be pleased with the results.

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