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First Auction experience

First Auction experience
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:27:42 AM »
My first bartering wasn't a storage closeout, however a general auction that incorporated some region liquidations, hospice liquidations, and so forth. Assuming that I could post pictures I might... I acquired enough to fill a whole truck in addition to a six foot by ten foot trailer stacked eight feet high for $1100 add up to. I acquired a light fixture with a retail quality of $1300 for $100. In the part was a 1984 Kramer Bass Guitar worth $500 and a Takemine Jasmine Six String Acoustic esteemed at $300. Part of the lot which was $30 was twelve metal Nevin Labs Dental Cabinets with six sets of Bench Lights -the cabinets were over $10,000 new and incorporate stainless and soapstone tops.There were likewise some dental gear things, one of which I recently sold for $125 -five times what I paid for this lot!  ;D

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