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Is it more advantageous to start an eBay auction at a low price or higher price?

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"back in the day" eBay used to charge different rattes depending on how much you were asking for an item.
If you put 99 cents as a starting price it was free. There was a scale up from there. Let's say you asked $15. The fee for that might have been $1.50 (I don't remember as it was 10 years ago this happened"

No there are no such charges, so how do you determine what you will charge. I have my ideas but I'll wait for some input here before I relate them.

I think it depend on the popularity of the item, if I have an item the regularly sells for $100+ with lots of bids, I can start it lower, say $10-$20 bucks. It attracts more lowballers and cheapskates who will not win the auction but bid low and early in hopes of getting a great deal. This in turns shows interest in the item and the higher number of bids early make people look to see what it is that people are bidding on, then you get the more serious buyers attention and the bidding war can begin and coul go well over $100. If I start the bid at $99 I usaully get 1 bid for $99 if I get a bid at all. If the item is less popular all items ending with 1 bid, I would do buy it now all the way.

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