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How many transactions do you average on a day of selling at the flea market?

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I haven't tracked this accurately, but I did hear an interesting story from a fellow who concentrated on selling clothing (good and bad).

He was down to the point of selling off the bad clothing at 50 cents each and said it certainly wasn't uncommon for people to buy 12 pieces at that price ($6 total) and this guy had a lot of clothing.

Anyway, at the end of one Saturday he said he finished the day at $600 (all clothing).  I don't know if he saw my jaw drop or not, but INSIDE MY HEAD it didn't take much to calculate that was 1,200 pieces of clothing. Even if each of his customers bought 6 pieces that would be 200 transactions in a 6 to 8 hour day, or 30 plus transactions an hour.

Needless to say, I don't believe him, and by the way. He's no longer selling at my flea market.  ;D


it wouldnt surprise me one way or the other , clothing can be very very hit or miss with me

ive had days where Ive taken in 200-300 off of one table , ive had other days where ive taken in $50 and ive had 4 tables full of clothing

my average day im guessing i have 40-60 sales (people not total items) average price per person about $6 -8

my stinking rent went up again this year to $85 for a spot per day (18x18 ) and im pretty sure im done with it on a regular basis , only going to go back as a daily 10 or so times a year at $100  :(

What is the dollar amount of an average sale you make at a flea market?

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Celebrating my 400th time selling at a flea market !

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