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What is a cleaning deposit? Why do I have to pay it? Do I get it back?

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Most of the facilities ask for a cleaning deposit. This is to guarantee that you, the buyer, will take EVERYTHING.

Everything includes dead insects and rodents and all trash that you won't be able to sell.  The theory is that you will in fact clean out the lkr if it means getting back the deposit.

Several years ago, in my area, a typical deposit was $25 but since the tv shows the NEW rate is often at $100. This happened because some NEWBIES who knew they wouldn't be back just took what they wanted and left the rest for the facility to deal with. Sure, it meant they would lose $25 but if the buyer was looking at $100 or so in dump runs, the buyer had nothing to lose, so they bumped the deposit to $100.

Experienced buyers know they are going to continue to be buyers and they won't take the chance of alienating either facility owners or the auctioneers.


The down side of the deposit is that if you don't have much money to work with, a $100 deposit can cut into your buying funds. Remember to account for the deposit when you are bidding.

They typically do not charge the deposit of $100 on each lkr you buy, but if you find a place that is charging $25 they probably will make the charge for EACH locker you buy.


You get the deposit back once the facility is sure you have cleaned out the lkr. Once you are well known, they will take your word for it and won't go check  it before you are refunded your money.

What is the standard "cleaning deposit" in your area and how is it interpreted?

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