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Anyone ever turn storage auction finds into art or make other projects?

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There's lots of "junk" we find in storage auctions that may be hard to sell as it is but could maybe repurposed into either a piece or recycled art or something. Or maybe you found a piece of electronics that was broken but were able to fix it and resell it. I guess my main point is do you guys turn any of your finds into projects. Could even be something as simple as sanding and revarnishing a nice piece of furniture.

Reason I ask is something poppeed into myhead. I was browsing the forum and saw someone in the wanted to buy section looking for CB radios. I've found a number of CB radios in units and there not worth that much and kinda hard to sell the cheaper ones. Most people into this as a hobby have something specific on their mind. Anyhow, there's an easy tweak to these Cb radios. You can steal a crystal out of a toaster or really anything that has a heating element like a blow dryer. Anyhow, if you swap the crystals you can interfere with and talk over fast food drive thru speakers. Not sure the legality of this but if its legal all the sudden you turned a $15 or $20 item thats hard to sell into something you can easily flip on ebay by advertising it as such. There's tons of stoned 18 or 20 year old kids who would easily drop $50 or $100 on something like that.

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