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Anyone have connections with a storage facility?

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Anyone have connections with a storage facility?
« on: November 13, 2014, 01:04:55 PM »
I know we all talk about how its nice to get friendly with facility managers, maybe bring a cup of coffee or a footlong to them for some favorable treatment whether its an extra day of leaving stuff in a locker, ending an auction on your bid a bit quicker, etc. For the most part though its just casual friendliess not really friends.

Anyhow, a buddy of mine recently landed a gig as a manager of a pretty large area of storage facilities. I think it will be interesting hearing his perspective and info on the storage business in general as well as hearing funny stories and his experiences at auctions too.

I think he'll probably tip me off to some good units and stuff as well although his area is pretty far from me so doubt I'll be heading there all that often. Just curious if anyone else has the hookup at a particular facility and how its helped you

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