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Forum gaining popularity & #'s while stor auctions as a whole are declining?

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I was gone from the forums for a while but came back and was pleasantly surprisd to see a lot of new members and more continuous and active discussions

Maybe my observation is untrue but it seems that this forum is gaining numbers in terms of contributing members as well as popularity where as storage auctions as a whole seem to be losing popularity or losing that origional rush it had.

I am seeing smaller crowds at auctions, the tv show ratings are really dropping off etc.

Maybe its just the show is going downhill in terms of benig entertainnig but anyone else notice this and have any thoughts on why?

Well I'm one of the new members.  All I can say is the uptick could be due to this board being active with valid feedback / ideas.  Another place I found is like a ghostland.

As for auctions I've only been to one and posted in the Lookey Loo thread and started a thread on the numbers of people, etc.  From all the horror stories I had heard on here I sort of expected more.  Still was a number of very new (even newer and more clueless then I) people but they weren't really bidding.  Number of jokes and stuff about the showes.

As for ratings - I think the numbers are going down quickly.  They at what 5k or something viewers.  I think some of that is people have gone out to buy these units and didn't find the same stuff Allen and Ton do and get mad.  Plus, both shows are getting a little far fetched imo.

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Ive noticed, I have no explanation of why this is. Honestly, and anyone can call me out and say I am a hater or worthless selfish bastard. But I dont really care how mayn join or dont join. This is good for Drew, and this is good for active posters like myself, Rules, Teacher, Movieman, and TC. This way we are not just talking to each other all the time, lol. But I get a feeling, alot of these noobies that are coming in, wont be here for long. Although I have seen promise from a few that they will be here for a good while.

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It's cause you've been gone rules! Hah

Cus this forum comes up in general searches of auctions on engines from threads.and whatnot. That's how I found it.

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