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It might be worth more in parts!

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It might be worth more in parts!
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:54:25 PM »
I found a really nice stainless & glass blender in a storage unit and the first time I put the jar in the dishwasher, the screw on plastic base cracked. So, I decided to look on eBay for a replacement part, and sure enough, every other part was available except this one. I managed to find the part on another website, but they wanted $19 for it with shipping. It's a 50 cent piece of plastic, I'm not going to pay $19 for it when I could get a brand new blender for that. However, I would have gladly paid $5, even as much as $10 for it. After all, it's good quality blender.

Anyway, as I was looking at the other parts, I realized that I could resell the other blender parts for as much as some of the complete blenders were selling for.   

Does anyone sell items for parts like this and do you make good money at it?

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