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Members Who Have Visited The Forum In The Past Month

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Members Who Have Visited The Forum In The Past Month
« on: December 20, 2012, 09:58:03 AM »
Here is a list of the members who have visited the forum in the past month. It's been a while since some of them have posted. Hint Hint ;)

Travis   Today
bwd111   Today
theoddfind   Today
MovieMan   Today
Cobia   Today
camler   Today
shields54   Today
craiglstauction   Today
vanillagorilla   Today
herman658   Today
fredgsanford   Today
velasco75   Today
sevenhills   Today
channel78   Today
glassbreaker  Today
relyea753   Today
mcclain36   Today
Wyattandbeanes  1 day ago
rogers73   1 day ago
alloro   1 day ago
the teacher  1 day ago
bowie   1 day ago
wilson95   1 day ago
FLPicker   1 day ago
Horrorshow  1 day ago
rossell53   1 day ago
bbutler247   1 day ago
carbajal9   1 day ago
BigBizzz   1 day ago
Liandra   1 day ago
dfnxmbbgkpo  1 day ago
shaffer58   1 day ago
sheny6jm   1 day ago
DontCaveIn  1 day ago
raeth    1 day ago
Den82  2 days ago
chancestoys  2 days ago
hawgjaws   2 days ago
skipppy75   2 days ago
Dregs   2 days ago
alex2009m     2 days ago
calcoastgal  2 days ago
Leota     2 days ago
jamelar  2 days ago
Drew  3 days ago
woody900   3 days ago
RiverRoverPA   3 days ago
exygpqodyy   4 days ago
jpmyni34   5 days ago
Boxlot   5 days ago
jenniferwalker   5 days ago
The newb   5 days ago
twilightZone   6 days ago
michellew541   6 days ago
ronin    6 days ago
dbr831   6 days ago
pqecrdvhbq   6 days ago
Sehrish231   6 days ago
Alias300   6 days ago
bondoman2k   7 days ago
goodlocker     7 days ago
Stoooooooo   7 days ago
bvt500   7 days ago
dtavvaajac    7 days ago
Buy-Low-Sell-High   8 days ago
Packer12   8 days ago
mouschi   8 days ago
kingsley aghedo    8 days ago
luke   8 days ago
dsbveefdf   8 days ago
rockin the retro   8 days ago
katiebaker   8 days ago
kvnb420   9 days ago
Bandit   9 days ago
Starship1st  9 days ago
gismo46   9 days ago
quitafind   9 days ago
hyp0luxa   9 days ago
Cheesehead  9 days ago
ru baby   9 days ago
cringle   9 days ago
cffcmecqxt    9 days ago
Fayettenam Man    10 days ago
AnnieMae   10 days ago
Andrews Breth   10 days ago
monkeybusiness    11 days ago
rulesforrebels   11 days ago
Belinda Riggs   11 days ago
KevinKR500   12 days ago
Annie   12 days ago
KrauseHouse   13 days ago
Pigue           13 days ago
andeeam   13 days ago
StorMe   13 days ago
security   13 days ago
RATannahill  14 days ago
ilpunceoch   14 days ago
ttauctions   14 days ago
teeceebull49  15 days ago
stacker   15 days ago
lwanggcx4   15 days ago
tzoid    15 days ago
gsejgavcv   15 days ago
lucretia   16 days ago
Sold-For-U    16 days ago
money4nothing   16 days ago
bbrucenio1    16 days ago
drbecker   17 days ago
cocototebags   17 days ago
lancel4gv   18 days ago
beibeixj30   18 days ago
Mocolight   19 days ago
d22ftlyg   19 days ago
erchizyg   19 days ago
gapajeff   20 days ago
morebetterinc   20 days ago
buy7777   20 days ago
tqkmykmcqe   20 days ago
andywells   20 days ago
Phunckie   21 days ago
Southern Yankee  21 days ago
SherranLee   21 days ago
StorageTreasures   22 days ago
Webmas Mom   22 days ago
old guy   23 days ago
honeyboohunter    24 days ago
bnbboys   24 days ago
Millertime   24 days ago
zeeann   25 days ago
ALOT ALOT   25 days ago
tc wholesalers   25 days ago
olafloweruser   26 days ago
calldrin17   27 days ago
pudentaine    28 days ago
PitzerAuction   29 days ago
beauzero   29 days ago
Khurramseh   29 days ago
AssuredStorage   30 days ago
cbxmaster    31 days ago

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Re: Members Who Have Visited The Forum In The Past Month
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2012, 10:04:53 AM »
Even more interesting that this list would be the one that shows the over 2500 members who have NEVER placed a post. There are 95 pages of members in the members list and 77 of those pages list people with zero posts.

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  • Every storage unit he buys yields treasure.
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Re: Members Who Have Visited The Forum In The Past Month
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2012, 11:33:37 AM »
Yeah I agree, a lot of people join the forum and never post. But they still visit from time to time. Perhaps they create their accounts to be able to see what posts are new. I can't force people to post, but I can encourage them.

I have noticed a lot of randomly generated accounts lately. They're very obvious because the username will be something like "hdfsjs214a" and their email address will be something like "[email protected]." What's really strange about these accounts is that they aren't spamming the forum and they never post a link in their signature. So what good does it do them to create an account? Perhaps they are just waiting to release a bunch of spam at the same time. If 500 or so of these accounts started spamming the forum at the same time, it would takes days to clean up the mess. If you log in one day and and all the posts are about Viagra and antivirus software, you'll know what happened.

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