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Money Making Idea... Offering Cleanout Services To Auction Buyers

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Okay, so came up with a money making idea that you can do in addition to buying units. We all know sometimes you buy a bad locker and wind up not only losing money but wasting time and energy cleaning out units full of crap. Maybe you had a bad day at the auctions and didn't buy anything. Why not offer a service to cleanout and dispose of units for other buyers.

This way buyers can buy a unit, cherry pcik the good stuff and pay someoen to clean and dump it for them instead of doing it themselves. If you already have a truck, gloves, etc youalready got the supplies you need to start this business. A n added benefit is there's a lot of buyers who only cherry pick the obious money makers so lots of people would probably leave scrap metal or things of value they don't know how to sell. This way not only do you get paid for cleaning and dumping for peopple but maybe they leave some goodies in the unit you can sell and make money off of.

Our competitor is offering lock cutting services through Pop-A-Lock

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