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Travis not sure if this is the right place for this but we need a scrapping section.
Recently I discovered scrapping and it is a great way to supplement your finds.
First question of the day
Scrapping Direct TV and Dish Network receivers. 
Of course if they are not active than you can sell them on eBay but honestly I have never found one that is not on an account.
Looks like there is not much that can be done from my recycler.  I keep all the cables of course and I hear the access cards has some gold in them.
Anyone else have better luck.

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Re: Scrapping
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Scrapping Direct TV and Dish Network receivers. 

These boxes are owned by the providers and are supposed to be returned to them. Technically once the account is closed and the boxes not returned they become stolen goods. Selling them could bring you trouble.

Re: Scrapping
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If they are clear and you can check by calling Direct TV you are allowed to sell them.  But you are right most are leased that's why I was thinking about scrapping them.  Even broken down they are not worth anything. So I try to keep power cords, cables, and cards.

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Re: Scrapping
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They used to do credit checks and force people with bad credit to buy their own equipment. Not sure if the process is still the same.

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