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What is trash?

What is trash?
« on: January 18, 2011, 06:42:52 PM »
What do you consider to be trash?
What do you consider to be ok for reselling?
And what do you consider a treasure?

I would love to hear what you guys think.
The reason is, today at an auction, this guy got a unit for 5 bucks. 5 BUCKS! i mean, even if 80% of the unit is trash he would find something to make a profit on. BUT NO! he took it all to the dump, except for one thing that i told him not to throw away.
Later on in the day we stopped by a wendy's for a burger, and i showed him an add online, where they sold those candle holders for $79.00 if i haden't stopped him he would have taken everything to the dump.
He even smashed a perfectly good book shelf, (Ikea bookshelf) even that one he could have sold for a profit.

So i ask you all, what is trash to you?

Re: What is trash?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 07:26:50 PM »
Soiled clothes, food items, chemicals, porn, broken computers and appliances can usually be recycled so I donate that stuff for the tax deduction (not trash). Old matresses and box springs as most of that is soiled. Anything broken that would cost more time and money to fix than it's worth. Computer monitors and CRT type TV's, again donations to recycling so not trash unless the recycler charges to take them and some do................

Re: What is trash?
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2011, 09:02:48 PM »
Trash is broken toys, paperwork, magazines, sex toys, pissed on mattresses, couches with holes burned in them, food that is 10 years expired (ever seen black ketchup?), ripped clothes, clothes that were packed dirty and have mildewed for years (I find a lot of this), dressers with drawers missing, porn, empty DVD boxes, empty CD cases, VCR tapes with no cover on them or home recorded, broken or chipped dishes, underwear, cassette tapes, worn out tires, scrap lumber, pianos that have sat in the barn for 20 years before being moved into storage, 8 track tapes (most are no good).  That is all stuff that goes to the dump.  Unsoiled clothes mostly go to goodwill I only keep the good stuff like new with labels or leathers and furs.  Furniture that is still usable can be sold on craigslist but most of it has to be sold cheap to get anyone interested. I give a lot of usable but ugly furniture away. It all boils down to is it worth messing with and do I have room to store it while trying to sell it.  Most cheap household good are not worth messing with unless you have a retail outlet or do flea markets all the time. Most dishes that say made in China go to goodwill.  A lot of the electronics you find do not work.  Unheated moist storage is hard on electronics.  Right now all CRT TVs are worthless even if they work.  I strip the copper out of them and then take them to goodwill who have a deal with the county to recycle e waste. They take them working or not.  Most VCR players are not worth messing with they get scrapped for copper content.  Most CD players are only worth a few dollars if they work.  I figure 90 to 95% of the stuff I get in a typical unit is thrown out or donated.  I know some of it could be sold for modest amounts but I have not enough time or room to mess with it.  I am the kind who likes to buy units that are messy and dirty looking because they normally do not go real high and it is easy to get your money back.  My best unit was a 10X20 full of trash that I bought for $50.  Found over $4000 cash in it but I hauled about 4000 pounds to the dump.  I buy $1 units as long as they are not all mattresses and couches. I assume all stuffed furniture is no good when I bid. 

Re: What is trash?
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2011, 04:39:57 AM »
Thats about as specific a list as anyone could hope for and right on the mark. I'm like you Doc I look for anything that I can sell (quickly) over 10 to 15 bucks and up, all else is trash or donate. No room nor time nor desire to mess with the small junk and definitely no soiled burned or ratty furniture.

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