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Greetings from another noobie - Tampa, FL

Re: Greetings from another noobie - Tampa, FL
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Well I'm attending class online right now.  I switched from campus since I did an internship with Disney World last year.  I haven't reapplied for my campus since all my online classes are going really well, and I like the flexibility.  Therefore I can pretty much do auctions/loading/unloading/selling whenever since I have no set schedule, just deadlines to when my schoolwork has to be done.  :)

I think this can be a solid sideline gig for you while you finish school. My only word of warning is don't let the sideline job takeover your primary responsibility, which, right now, is finishing school.

If you start making a little money, it's easy to lose perspective on things. If you want to jump into this full-time, great. Just get that diploma first. Better safe than stupid.  ;)

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