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I;m Loda

Went to my first Storage auction last month.  Was amazed at how high they went..many hundreds more than i would have it was like a herd of cattle...auctioneer started before I even had chance to see inside.  guess people knew more about what was inside then I I could not see what was worth
$700--$800.  I am Antique dealer, and one bin had several antiques..but it went for far more than I could get in my shops!!!  Where are these people reselling this stuff??????  Is this why things  (esp antiques)are so high on Craigs List????

Will go again and see what happens....

I am in the Barrow/Gwinnett/Hall area....very near Braselton...

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Re: HI
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Hey welcome to the forums!!  Yea the crowds are getting pretty tough nowadays but that doesnt mean you still can't get some good deals. If takes a little while to learn how to read the unit and estimate a value real quick. There may have been something in that unit that you didnt see. The best time to go to the auctions is at the end of the month when there are a bunch of auction in one day. Its spreads the crowds out! Good Luck!!! Feel free to ask any questions on here and im sure someone will answer!!