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Nashville Noobie

Nashville Noobie
« on: March 17, 2012, 09:16:33 PM »
Evening folks, thought I would take a second to intro myself. I'm Chester and my wife is Toni. We decided to start into this after she got fired from her job due to a siezure condition. She never really needed to work as my income covers everything we really need she just likes to to have something to do and her own money to buy my christmas and birthday gifts without me seeing how much money she really spent lol. Anyway we decided if she was going to work then it would be a series of 1-2 year gigs as her seizures get serious about once every 6 months and she misses about a week due to them. 1 week every 6 months is a big no no to a lot of employers. So I told her listen, why don't you do the storage auction thing? So she took a grand and started hitting the local route. That was about a month ago. So far we have bought three lockers, first one we might break even, 2nd one we sold one thing and paid for the locker +50 to the pocket. Third one we got for 5.00 and I found a place to sell some of the books we got for 53.00 so we are up on that one too. It's not a lot of money but like I said, it's more to keep her occupied.

Since starting we have also read about and started attending estate and other auctions and today we did a serious yard sale circuit and scored hopefully pretty good on it too. Needless to say she is having a blast with it all so far and we are ahead money wise. My favorite part of it all is the research. As I sit here I have several peices of glassware on my desk, a sterling silver salt and pepper carousel and a few peices of china to look for. All in all it's a lot of fun. I just hope it stays that way for a while. I'm sure a few Nashville people read this forum so if you see us say hi. She's usually the only woman at the auctions that doesn't have a dude on her hip lol.

Re: Nashville Noobie
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Welcome,enjoy and good luck!

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Thanks guys!

StorMe, they have no idea. She's had MRI's out the wazoo and nothing shows up. We've done a week long sleep study at Vanderbilt and they couldn't find anything. We even took her to a specialist in Chicago and he said "Sometimes we just don't know."

They started out of the blue, happen out of the blue, and hopefully one day will go away out of the blue.

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Re: Nashville Noobie
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Welcome aboard! Would love to continue hearing your stories from the nashville area!

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