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Anyone know any loopholes or tips for titling cars, trailers, motorcycles?

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One recent string of auctions I went to we came across some construction equipment on trailers, cars, and a few bikes...yeah I know good auctions compared to the other stuff I been comming across lately.

Anyhow, the auctioneer was from Michigan though the auctions were in IL.

I guess since he also handles car auctions in Michigan he has title paper and can hand write a title for whatever you buy for a pretty reasonable price.

He said the other nice thing is Michigan doesn't require you have a Michigan address to title a car there.

I just found this interesting. It's better than trying to deal with the DMV using your auction reciept to try to get a new title and also cheaper than paying these third party services who charge a bunch of money to title it for you.

Just curious if anyone has any tips or loopholes to getting titles for things you buy. Any other interseteing experiences or antitodes or info about buying cars, bikes, etc would be great as well.

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Re: Anyone know any loopholes or tips for titling cars, trailers, motorcycles?
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2011, 08:06:35 PM »
In 7 years I've only been interested in bidding on 3 lockers with vehicles and they all came out good...2 motorcyles and 1 quad. Details on these can be seen by searching for Honda Quad on these threads.

I have seen guys buy 60s models cars...most in the lowest stage of restoration. They got them for anywhere from $50 to $500 and more than one of them had problems in licensing. One of them had $600 in back dues for some reason....guess the former owner didn't put it on NON-OP.

Another fellow got a HUGE big rig cab for just $50 !  It cost him about $350 to have it towed somewhere and I haven't heard from him yet what  he finally did with it, and this was 2 years ago.


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