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Cost of doing business

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Cost of doing business
« on: March 10, 2013, 11:52:21 AM »
Continued from "Truck Rental Prices" in "The Dump"......

Running around getting free stuff.  Some new, some sitting in storage I've canceled.

Truck (U-Haul Van) ended up being $98.95 (day rate, 100 free miles) + $10 (Ins) + $10 (moving pds since I forgot mine!) + $1 (enviromental fee) + $11.73 ( rental tax) = $131.68 + $40 (gas) = $171.68

Thanks to GPS 'shortest route' I kept it under the 100 free miles.

Then add it $50 to pay help.  $17 buying help lunch.  $20 to have tech remove tires from rims......

Total is $258.68.

For this I have:
Set of swamper tires on rims: $600
Set of stock Ford rims: $40-$60 recycled
Four like new low pro tires: $200
Oak top 5-in-1 game table with torn felt on poker part: $200
Brand new, never used but old telemark ski's: $50?
1960's oak office chair: $100

Total: $1200. But in reality I need to move it FAST so may be less if people haggle, maybe $800

Now imagine this was a locker.  It could easily go for $300-$500 just because of he truck tires.
Add in cost of u-haul to low end of bid and your left with two options. 

1) Only makeing $250
2) having to sit on it to get top dollar.

But don't forget 'buyers premium'.  Sales tax.  Dump fee's.
Now your left with only option #2.

Just a notice to all those wanting to start.   Just because you see $1200 in sellable goods, doesnt make it a good unit to buy.  you have have to look at the potential profit.

Over the years I've learned to add in all cost. Bid price. Gas. My time.  Locks.  Batteries.  Gloves.  Pissed off girlfriends.

Let me tell ya.   Doesn't matter how much profit you make on a unit if the auction is on her birthday.  You've already lost just by going......   ;D

Re: Cost of doing business
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2013, 10:00:29 AM »
This is why I hate seeing low end / marginal (under $50) units at the start of an auction.  I only want those units when I already am coming to that location for a "real unit".  Then there is really very little associated cost with the marginal units.

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