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Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: A little inspiration
« on: August 09, 2012, 07:47:38 AM »
about TV making it look like 3 out of 5 lockers hit the jackpot.  I think most educated people understand its a TV show so are they going to hold peoples interest showing the stars of the show finding nothing all the time?  No they are going to show the lockers where they do find something.. Just like watching the shows and theres 50 people there it looks like the only people that ever win lockers are the stars of the show but its called EDITING, they show the lockers auctioned where a star of the show did win it.
Now that would explain all that but all that said, I am still skeptical if these shows are real.  For one thing, for a few weeks Dave Hester was not allowed to go to auctions because he was in that lawsuit with that rapper over the use of the word Yupp(how ignorant), yet the show runs a clip of Dave supposedly saying while my competition is at so and so, i decided to come to this aution instead.    Also, especially Dave when they go thru the stuff and say ok this is worth this amount, I will price this at such and such.  and says see, i've all ready made my money back, the rest is just benjamins.  when actually when he said something was worth 500 dollars, it often looks to me like he would be lucky to get 125 dollars.   and what happened to Daves thrift shop, supposedly he had to sell it?  Did he go broke from saying YUPP too much?  I sure hope so, I hate that guy, Jarrod should have knocked him out.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Living in a storage unit.
« on: July 17, 2012, 08:02:28 AM »
To the poster  of this topic, why did you bid and buy the unit, did you need a new mattress.  Thats sort of gross dude.  Sleeping in their lovin

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Staged unit story
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:58:51 AM »
Oh fantastic, this story has given me what I needed, an idea for a 2nd job.  I'm going to start going by department stores today and ask for their old boxes.  I didn't know the locker owner got a cut, dang this is gonna be so easy.  I hope Hester gets my locker.

My affection for Brandy is obvious? well like Duh, i'm madly in love with that woman and you just wait, one day she will dump that wannabe gangsta Jarrod and I will swoop right in, flex this bicep a time or two and next thing you know you will be seeing  me with Brandy at the auctions because in the divorce, she will get the store.  I will probably have to whip Jarrod a time or two to get him in line and out of our life but this should be no problem.  I think he was scared of Dave Hester of all people.  He started smack talking Yupp man and the yupp man told him make his move and Jarrod backed down like the little chick he is, yes BRANDY SHALL BE MINE! And on weekends Barry and me will go golfing, brandy will ride in my cart and I will dip my cigars in a little Brandy.  God shes gonna love me.

hahaha, they really blew it, now we all know the show is faker than fake.  Dave Hester has been in a legal battle with some dumb rapper over the use of the word YUPP being used and until this was settled he couldn't attend auctions and use his YUPP phrase.  So how does storage wars explain his abscence?  They are running promotions for the show , showing that Dave was attending other auctions away from the regulars.  LMAO, you blew it Storage Wars, I already knew the show was fake because nobody leaves 5 grand worth of coins in storage locker.  Now don't get me wrong, i'll still watch the show but only because Barry cracks me up.  But....the jig is up, the show is fake. :o

Yeah I guess I was mainly just being irritating, was in one of those moods ya know?  So I apologize to you guys because regardless what I say or believe about the show I do watch it. Heck I will sit and watch a 4 hour marathon straight of it.  But to the last person that responded to my post about the choice of words and when and how they should be used, man you're nuts.  And you guys are wrong about me never ever going to have a chance to meet brandy because you know who I am really?  I'm the guy that bid squeezing that rubber chicken in that one episode.  I waked  by Brandy and said morning, little snot didn't even respond and Jarrod said , 'good way to get knocked out brother', so I just dropped my chicken and said, 'Knock me out jARROD, here I am, knock me out?  The little fella in the black pants that come down below the knees turned around and walked off. but you know what kind of pants I talk about, same kind of pants gang bangers wear.   I will have Brandy one day and when I hit that mment, I will squeeze that chicken to deathl  Me and Barry went drinking after the auction, man that is one cool dudee and incredibly funny and another tip about him, he is worth about 25 million, the storage room auctions, thats why he throws everything away but collecttibles, the man needs nothing.   Now don't know why Hester ain[t been on but if its over that yupp lawsuuit, how stupie.  how eo people get patents on words?  OKk, I want the patent on GET ER DONE so I can sue that fat hillbilly comment.
thank you for listening and god bless, I need a biscuit with some jam and white gravy on it.  LATER my new FRIENDS!

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Staged unit story
« on: July 04, 2012, 07:01:45 PM »
THANK YOU!  THIS IS GOING TO SUPPLEMENT MY RETIREMENT WELL.  I"m hitting computer stores, home depot, lowes tomorrow and seeing about getting their empty boxes.   I will make this locker look like a honey hole.  I'll even get a cheap safe to put in it and inside will be a note that says 'JARROD, YOU'RE WIFE WOULD WANT ME SO BAD!'.  I'll leave a quarter in the safe too so its not a total bust.  God this is a great idea.  MONEY TIME!  WOOHOO!!!!!

and they call be pappa pump because I am the bomb, that fater son team from the indian tribe, his biceps I chuckle at, mine double his and i'd whip hip arm wrastlin any day.  and his son looks like he uses a elephant gun.  The ones that impress me most is Liz and I can't believe I keep forgetting her partners name because I would turn cajun to marry that little hunny.  man shes hotter than a firecracker, hahaha,get it?  its the 4th of july and i made a firework reference.  oh well, barry would have gotten it.
hahaha,Barry likes his Cigars dipped in Brandy sometimes.  I bet she would rather be with Barry than that want to be Jarrod.  Jarrod , brother, god learn how to dress, you look like a fool while your wife always looks gorgeous.

Earlier I posted that this show is staged, nobody leaves 4 grand in coins in a locker and just let the locker go.  besides the owners of the locker sites i'm sure when a locker goes past due opens it up and takes all the valuables, but to think someone could get a locker and someone left 30K worth of material in there, well I have some nice beachfront property to sell you in florida, don't listen to the people that call it the swamp.  However I do watch the show,it is entertaining  and for a couple of reasons, BARRY is hilarious and should have his on variety show. Second to see Brandy shake that money maker.  An thd finally in hopes one day someone will knock Dave Hester out but since its staged it will never happen.  I saw someone somewhere post if this show is real how come the stars of the show are the only ones that get to buy the lockers? Darling, have you heard of editing, if this show is real then they edit it and only show the locker bids where the stars of the show get the locker, i'm sure others purchase lockers also but still I think this show is faker than fake.  I think 2 reality shows are truly real Pawn Stars and Swamp People, hard to fake wrestling a gator but i do find it hard to believe the only kill spot on a gator is about the size of a quarter because with the boat shaking and the gator flopping around then these guys are better shots than Billy the Kid.

The Treasure Chest / My Locker Find
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:30:56 AM »
They slid the door open and there it was, about a 90 year old chest that Barry always likes to buy. So in his honor I bid on the locker and wow, I got the locker for 275 dollars.  After clearing my path to the trunk, I drug it ut and man it was heavy so I knew it wasn't empty.  I said a little prayer and then opened the chest.  WOW, to my amazement it was loaded with money,  I shut it real fast so nobody could see what was in it.  I finally got a guy to help me lift it and put it in back of my truck and hurried home, then my neighbor helped me get it off and and we put it in my garage and I told him it was locked and was gonna have to have a locksmith come open it.  Once he left, I opened it and began counting and it took most of the night.  When I finished I couldn't believe it, I had $22,478,360.00 dollars.  I suspect it was a mob locker.  I'm living my life in fear now but think I am going to move to the french riverara.  22 million!!!!!.......OK, now if you believe this,then you are stupid enough to believe that show is real and that the lockers are not sprinkled with goodies in some lockers,garbage in others. The show is a hoax and some are dumb enough to believe it.  Some of those lockers where they profit 30K, i'm just so sure owners of lockers  like that leave them and say heck with it, I don't need that 30K.  That said, the show is still one of my favorites for one reason. BARRY.  That guy should have his own variety show , he cracks me up, he has to be a millionaire with all those bad rides he shows up in(that is if they are really his).   So if he is that rich he should just outbid Dave on every locker.  Jarrod and Brandy are not believeable because why would a honey like that marry a want to be thug like Jarrod?  hmmmm, guess thats all, so i'm going to go on out to my garage and roll around in my 22million.  Oh one more thing, owners of thes locker complex's are usually scum of the earth so any locker that goes past due , i'm sure they open them up and steal anything of value out of them. lmao, some of you are so gullible.

Reality Shows about Storage Auctions / Re: Is Hester broke?
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:05:20 AM »
All I know is he was strong arming the show for more money. Maybe they said F-U and spinning it the way they are....?

I heard the lawsuits are settled but don't know out come. Perhaps he is no long allowed to say "YUUUP"
Maybe he stopped going to auctions cause "YUUP <registered trademark of trey songz, licensed and held, with in permission forth set and held in accordance to songz incorporated>" takes to long to say.....   ;D
yeah, maybe its something idiotic like that.  *rolls eyes*

Reality Shows about Storage Auctions / Re: Is Hester broke?
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:02:59 AM »
I doubt Hester is broke, I doubt any of them on the show are struggling as I imagine the show itself pays them all a hefty sum to be on the show.
With that said, I have trouble believing in this show, that people would do things like leave a safe in a locker that Jarrod go that had all those coins in it. REALLY?  People just say 'ah heck with that 4000 dollars worth of coins, I will just let the locker be auctioned off. Maybe i'm wrong but it is hard to believe. and i saw someone once say it couldn't be real because the only ones that won the lockers were the people on the show and I couldn't believe someone could be so stupid. I am sure other people win lockers also but have you ever heard about EDITING where they are only going to show the people on the show when they win lockers?  Finally, Dave, why do you have to be such a jerk?  Jarrod should have knocked you out that one show.   You come across as a very unhappy man.  No wife I assume?  Are you just lonely and have no friends.  Now Barry, what an amazing individual, such a wonderful attitude towards life and he truly makes this show entertaining.  YUPP he does.

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