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General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Kids at Auctions
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:50:51 AM »
I too can see a problem with younger kids (4-12 or thereabouts) as for the most part they can get in the way real easily.  Younger than that & they tend to be in a stroller which, providing weather isn't too hot or cold, isn't a big deal assuming that they aren't crying/fussing (I remember when my kids were young, sometimes they just HAD to come where we were going for various reasons).  In that case (kids in strollers/very young kids) the auctioneer should say something in the beginning that they're welcome as long as they don't cause a disturbance to others.  If they do then they'll have to leave.  Said at the beginning hopefully it won't cause a problem later if the kid does start to cry. 

13-18 though, not allowing them there I feel is wrong.  As has been mentioned, some of them are there learning a useful skill. Beyond the obvious of locker buying, there is learning to read other people, how to quickly evaluate a proposition (when the door goes up), bargaining, learning to deal with other adults in semi stressful situations, etc.  Learning that at an early age would have given me a nice step up in my 20s when I was just starting out as an adult on my own.  Also as it is summer & school is out, my kids (14 & 16) are a big part of my labor force if I do win a locker.  They have a great time looking through things for the first time (& have gotten quite an education when they ran across the tote full of sex toys....  :o ::) ) & helping load up the truck.  They've even got a friend or two to volunteer to help out with the offer of picking out some small things from the locker (you can easily see who's read Tom Sawyer & who hasn't....  ;D ).  For me, having them there is priceless.  Being away from the house & away from the things that cause confrontations (phone, tv, rooms not picked up, etc) we have these great conversations while working together, am able to impart some valuable life lessons in easy to understand ways (even though we're going to make a lot from this locker we can't go buy something for us or go out to eat right now because we haven't sold any of it yet, try to keep your 'stuff' to a minimum, etc).

So if places want to ban children, I'm somewhat ok with 12 & under.  However there are many legitimate reasons that teenagers have to be there (with a parent).

How much for the jersey? I'm a niner fan

Are you looking for any other Niner stuff Drew?  We got a locker a month or so ago that had a lot of general Niner fan things (shotglasses, mugs, bobbleheads, other lower end nicknacks) & some nicer things (Montana, Young & Rice footballs) & quite a bit I don't remember right now.  Where we are though (KY) it is more Bengals territory & there isn't much of a market here.  We're still sorting things but if you'd like I could get a list/pictures together to see if anything catches your eye.  Shoot me a PM & we can hash things out.

tl:dr version - found a few probably game worn college football jerseys.

Short story long version - As to the topic at hand (& staying on a sporting memorabilia theme), a couple of weeks ago we got a locker in a not so nice part of town for a very good price.  At first it didn't seem to be anything special (typical household stuff from what we guessed was an older (50ish) woman) but then tucked in the back were a few trash bags full of a man's clothes.  Opening them up we found about 8 football jerseys from a local university (probably game worn but no way to prove it) & several baseball & basketball ones that it looks like he traded his for (all the names on them were at the univ at around the same time), & a huge pile of nice clubbing/evening clothes.  As best I could piece together (from papers left & google) the guy had a huge local HS football career, got a full ride to the univ but only appeared in 7 games over the 4 years, graduated & moved out to NY.  The guy also had a miserable childhood it seems (lots of foster homes & raised by relatives as mom was a junkie - again pieced together from paperwork left & a couple of news stories google turned up) but at least it looks like he escaped that mess.  My guess is that he gave/trusted mom with the bags of clothes when he moved away (8 years ago) & that she either didn't care about her 'stuff' (junk mainly) & forgot about the bags or forgot about the locker entirely (court records show her still getting regularly picked of for drug possession...  :( ).  In the end though, while there was no way we could lose money on the locker, it looks like it may turn out WAY better than expected once football season rolls around & people are looking for football memorabilia again (especially if the team gets another bowl bid this year).

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