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Stories about Storage Auctions / My best unit to date
« on: May 26, 2011, 01:24:27 PM »
My best unit to date was from an unlikely auction. It was at a moving company on a Saturday, and there were a LOT of people there. They broke down all the units except for 4. I didn't bid on anything until the 4 units. The first 2 seemed to go for well more than they should have. The 3rd and 4th units were the ones I was going to bid on. The 3rd a large table, covered. I was pretty sure it was a conference table, which it was. There were also what seemed to be older high-end executive chairs, they didn't look to be in great condition. In the back you could see some baby strollers, car seats. The bidding started at around 100..125, guy shot it up to 200. Going once, going twice.... I jumped in last second at 225$... the auctioner was really quick, I didn't mean to almost lose it like that. He gave a few seconds.. sold. I was pretty happy at that point, but still was unsure as it was tough to tell the condition of the chairs.

The chairs ended up being very high quality and all in pretty good to good shape. I sold them for 80$, 70$, 60$ and kept the 4th for my office. The chairs and table were all Lazboy and very nice but older. The table has sat in my garage for a while now. I listed it for 300$ and had someone come 2 days later and would have taken it if it were a tiny bit smaller. I finally sold it for 150$ just to get it out of here as I had already done well on the unit.

Thebaby strollers and car seats ended up being where the real money came from. I sold the two strollers for 70$ and 50$. I had 2 Orbit car seats, stroller seats that I sold together to a guy for 250$. I sold another car seat for 75$ and have another that I will get around 50$ for. I also have some decorative items that I am going to sell at flea market and will prob get around 20$ for.

I have made 475$ profit so far and have a really nice office chair. Once the rest sells, I should be at 550$ profit. It was not anything crazy, but it was great for a day's work and I was able to empty in 1 trip with my Jeep and my firned's truck.

It is crazy how much these car seats and strollers are and how much you can sell them for used.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Worst Unit?
« on: May 26, 2011, 01:04:11 PM »
Everyone likes to talk about their best finds and best units. I think it would be fun to hear about everyone's worst units.

I have gotten about 11 units total. My worst so far would have to be a pretty empty unit I got for 70$. I told myself I would stop at 50$ but ended up winning it at 70$.  With gas, the unit ended up being 90 bucks, drove around to a handful of auctions that day.

There unit was pretty empty, but the main things were 3 nice faux trees/plants, two 24 inch old crap TVs, the backseat of a car (that **** sucked, moved by myself), a crappy end cabinet thing I ended up trashing, rotating fan, and about 5 plastic bins. It also had a 3 piece luggage set that is old but in good shape.

I was figuring I would get something out of the bins. They all ended up being empty except for 1. That had an oil filled electric radiator and some crib bedding.

I sold the plants for 35$, fan for 5$.
I am hoping to get at least 60-70$ for what I have left, so looking at 100-110$ range.

That will still put me up about 10-20$, so at least not a loss, but I spent the whole day going to auctions/cleaning it out/garbage run. I am sure I will have worse than this at some point and am glad about this being my worse so far.

 I did get 4 big plastic containers though, and those are always good to have with storing things for the flea market, etc.

I just got a unit on Thursday with these little movie poster/cards in them.

Posteritati Movie
They are all for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and all the different countries movie posters for the movie but are really small. I have searched online for a while and can only find info on the actual posters, which are from 250$ to 1,800$. Im sure these are nowhere near that, but hoping they still have some value. They are all from 1965 to 1966. 

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to find out or who I could contact?


Stories about Storage Auctions / HUGE lot of ULINE Cold Packs ?
« on: May 10, 2011, 09:01:37 AM »
So about 6 months ago I won a unit. It had 13 cases of Uline cold packs, 36 in each case.

I think that they are mostly used for shipping. I have used some in place of ice in coolers, and they work great for that. I have had it up on craiglist this whole time with no one responding as well as on ebay for a few weeks. Not sure what else to do to get rid of these. They are 20 per case on and have seen them selling for 1.99 a piece on ebay. I am going to try to give some away to any friends that want them at this point as they are just taking up space and I don't know if I will ever sell them. My next idea is to put them out at my next garage sale and then when I do my first flea market. They are 8 oz a piece, so selling online just gets tough with the weight adding up and making shipping expensive. Anyone have any ideas of what to do with these?
I also contacted a local brewing company with no response.

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