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Flea Markets / Different flea markets are different.
« on: March 15, 2012, 10:37:33 PM »
We were selling every other weekend at a swap meet that was just getting started, indoors and heated in a hanger at a municipal airport.  It's in a fairly industrial area.  I sold power tools like crazy there, at a decent profit.  Sometimes 10 of them in a day, plus assorted small tools and other stuff. 

Anyway, that one went under, not enough vendors to pay the rent on the place unfortunately.  IT was really a bummer because it was a good group of people selling and run by good people.

We moved to another swap meet, farther away, indoors in a huge barn at the fairgrounds.  More traffic, more sellers, and I can;t move tools at all.  There are more vendors with tools of course, but they aren't selling all that many either.  Other stuff moves there better than at the first place of course, like I got a good price for an airsoft gun that no one had even looked at at the other place.

Also the people that buy at this one are much cheaper.  If I have something that retails at $200 marked at $25 people will try to get me to sell it for $5 then act all insulted when I won't sell for that.  That never happened at the other place.

The Treasure Chest / Our best hit.
« on: March 11, 2012, 07:17:10 PM »
It's not really a storage auction though.  We also go to bankruptcy auctions. in this case it was a big electrical contractor that had gone under.  This auction overall was our best one ever.  The first, and fasted, good hit from it was the contents of a bunch of shelves in a conex container, bought for $75 (not the container though).  We are using the shelves in our warehouse, sold about $200 in scrap metal, another couple hundred in tools, and a tractor part that went for $100 minutes after buying the lot.  $75 into a little over $500 seemed great, but that wasn;t the best thing.

I also bought a cabinet full of stuff, normal aluminum cabinet you might find in an office, for $100 - mostly because I wanted the cabinet and figured I'd make a little on the contents..  It had a computer we kept, and a bunch of small items that went for about $200.  It also had these three gas detector things that I didn't know anything about at the time.  I little research and the right contact (and a little luck) and these NETTED us $1500 after being refurbished. 

$100 into about $1700.  Made up for the time I turned a $400 locker into two dump runs at $20 a piece and maybe $30 in sales.

General Storage Auction Talk / Has anyone seen an acution like this?
« on: March 11, 2012, 07:01:01 PM »
There is an auction coming up in our area at a facility that rarely does them.  This one they have been putting of for months, but now it's scheduled.  We go fairly regularly to the big monthly caravans in the area, as well as to a couple other regular auctions, but I've never seen anything like this.

They want everything moved that day, and they want you to give them an inventory of what you find in the locker.  They also say they reserve the right to buy back anything, without specifying what they'd pay or why they'd do it.  I was shocked when I read this on their web site.

Sounds to me like if you get a good score they want to be able to buy it back from you at what you paid for the locker, which would defeat the whole point of buying a locker in the first place.

Anyway, has anyone ever heard of an auction like this?

Stories about Storage Auctions / Making some money now.
« on: October 25, 2011, 10:50:47 AM »
Our first three units didn't do much for us, they came up a little less than even.  The few furniture items did OK, but clothes and kitchen stuff aren't going for much if at all around here.

Then we got a unit full of tools.  It had several power tools visible and some big locked cases.  Everything we opened had more power tools in it.  Even though we paid to much for it ($675) we sold the stuff for about a thousand over about three weeks.

Yesterday we bought two units, one for $150 that will easily double or triple - sports stuff, toys, barbeque, tools.  That one we even sold stuff on site to other bidders.  The other was $575 and is basically someones whole life.  Furniture, tools, electronics, golf clubs, exercise equipment, leather jackets and we still don't know what else. 

It's nice to be making money on units despite the high prices.  Hope we can keep it up.

The "Other" Job / RN
« on: August 25, 2011, 09:27:03 PM »
My wife an I are both nurses.  She works two twelve hour shift a week and I work three 24 hour shifts every two weeks so we have lots of free time.  We're doing this business to make a little extra doing something other than health care, something we can do as a family.  We homeschool our kids, so they are involved too, there is a lot they can learn related to this business. 

Stories about Storage Auctions / First two lockers
« on: August 25, 2011, 08:54:54 PM »
We bough two lockers in the past two days. 

Yesterday we went to a bunch of auctions at a chain storage place, five or six locations.  We got a small one (5x8?) for $50, the guy was a mechanic, some tools including a decent cordless drill, and some parts (I think to a Honda of some sort based on some of the stuff that went to the dump).  There was also a lot of crap, a bunch of greasy mechanics clothes, a couple bags of actual trash, like fast food wrappers and such.  There was also a military flight suit in decent shape.  Depending on what I can find out about the parts there should be no problem making a little profit here.  There was also a great unit that went for $500 when I had decided on a limit of $500 for it.  Sucked to loose it over a small amount, but we are being firm about limits we set.

Today we went to an auction at one of those "pod" storage places.  We got one box out of a set of four for $450.  The first two went well over a grand, which was more than we had available, great stuff in them though.  Our box was full, and I think will make us some money,  The owner was a serious shopaholic, we got gobs of shoes and clothes, mainly from Nordstroms, mostly unused, and a couple dozen pair of shoes, also seemingly new.  Many of the clothes still have tags on them.  There was also a lot of kitchen stuff, mixer, bread maker, pressure cooker, pots and pans, all should be worth a bit.  Funny thing in this one was the lady that owned it was very into the motivational stuff like Anthony Robbins, unfortunately though it was all old, VHS and cassette tapes, which won't sell for much if they sell at all.

Anyway, at least we're fairly certain we won't loose money on these.  Another day of work getting it all sorted and then we start selling. 

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / New in Western Washington
« on: August 17, 2011, 11:41:02 PM »
We're just getting started in this business, been to a few auctions but not won anything yet.  We've only gone to bid seriously to three auctions, but we wound up watching people get carried away and pay absurd prices.  We'll keep trying though.

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