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Stories about Storage Auctions / 5th locker...motorcycle
« on: October 23, 2011, 05:29:22 PM »
So I scored this motorcycle in my 5th unit for 1k.   I am really excited about it.  Its a 2004 R1.  Was laid down lightly.  Im gonna call tomorrow and see if I can title it or whether i will part it out.  I think i can make 3k on it. 

Stories about Storage Auctions / My 3rd Unit...Jackpot!!
« on: October 10, 2011, 12:07:56 AM »
So this is the 3rd unit ive bot.  There were over 300 people at this auction and every unit was going for double or triple the regular prices.  It didnt look promising.  After about 10 units I found a unit and just decided I was going to get it.  Everything in unit was wrapped up in shipping paper with overseas shipping tape on it.  There were some military fatigues showing.  You couldnt see anything else in the locker.  I had a feeling for some reason that I HAD to get this unit.  I started the bidding and ended it at 430.  

After the auction I went into the unit and opened up the side pocket of a black duffle bag.  Military issue NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!  Bam!  I just tripled my money.  Opened the bag to find a bulletproof vest and some military fatigues.  Loaded up the rest of the boxes in my trailer in about 10 minutes and drove home.

Got home and began opening box after box of new with tags/in packaging military gear:  Jackets, Pants, rain gear, sleeping bags, ruck sacks, goggles (3 pair), sunglasses (5 Pair), boots (3 pair),  military figurines new in boxes from China (3) that are pretty valuable, plus a lot of decent used clothes.  

So it was a really good day, just wanted to share my experience.

Stories about Storage Auctions / First locker, gun and coin collection.
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:21:39 AM »
So after a attending a dozen or so auctions finally bot first unit!  There were a few antiques (bedroom suite and china cabinet)  and I saw a case for a handgun that i could see before bidding.   Won with a $300 bid.  Prob a 10x12 unit, it was packed full.  I could see the unit belonged to a police officer.
The handgun case I could see contained no gun but after digging I found a cheap 380 automatic pistol.   I sold that for 60 bucks.  Also found 2 books of coins and the following:  a few morgan silver dollars, liberty dollar, dozens of kennedy half dollars, buffalo nickels, old pennies and dimes, a book of nickels from the 30's up to the 70's,several british pound notes, a 1950's 5 dollar and 1 dollar bill,  and lots of other coins that i dont know what they are.
Also in the locker was:
Noritake china set, unopened camping gear, beta vcr, bruce lee collection of pics, books, magazines.  Collection of vinyl motown and r&B records from the 70's, a few gold bracelets and jewelry which i dont know if they are real.  2 sets of sterling silver cuff links.  Plus a lot of other miscellaneous stuff.
So I feel like i scored really well on the first locker, I know I cant expect to find such collectibles in future lockers.  Just wanted to share my experience.

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