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eBay / Free Auction listings by invitation only~my bad~
« on: August 21, 2012, 10:53:53 PM »
edit~My bad~I just read the fine print and this 'promotion' is by invitation only, so if you weren't can't play.  Sorry for any disinformation.  Now I'd love to know if everybody received an invitation or if I truly am that special~ ;D

WOW~seems they're looking for folks to sell right now as there is another selling offer.
Free auction style listings tomorrow (8/22) through the 31st of August~

And here I was worried (and thus pacing myself) I'd use all my listings this month~ :-\

eBay / Sports fans~list free now through 12/31/12~
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:51:57 AM »
Yet another Ebay public service announcement for you:

Starting today through the end of the year you can list free in any of the sports memorabilia, cards and fan shop categories.

I know many of us end up with sports gear from teams we'd rather not support (see me with Dallas & Green Bay~sorry cheesehead~football items), so this seems a good way to move some of those unwanted items that nobody at the flea will pay your prices for~

Veering slightly off topic here~did ya all see my Vikings pummel Buffalo on Friday?!?  I know it's only preseason.....but dang....we looked like a pro team again.  Haven't seen that in a couple years!~ ;D

eBay / Free fixed price listings~now through the 18th
« on: August 10, 2012, 01:51:48 PM »
Alright....have a couple minutes here (home-schooled kids are on lunch break) and thought I'd take a minute to let you know that fixed price listings are the special o' the month on Ebay.  List up to 5,000 listings in a fixed price format (insertion) fee-free.  edit to note: now through the 18th~

I realized I was using up quite a bit of my 'free' auction style listings so this is an alternative.  I listed two items this morning (one I contacted a gal who I knew would buy) and both have sold......girls and I took a field trip to the post office today~ :D

Anywho......get busy~get listing and start making moolah!!


Flea Markets / Wow! Just Wow!
« on: August 04, 2012, 02:23:36 PM »
After a month and a half hiatus from our local flea we went out to sell today.  We netted over $900.  So many folks saying 'we've missed you!'

We were blowing stuff out like crazy.  Sold probably $100 worth of cd's & dvd's at a buck a piece.  I know most sell theirs for more, but we haven't had a lot of luck when we charge more and I'll tell ya what~it was great making those sales.

Used cowboy boots and tennies flew out.  Camo & knives.  Tools galore!

I'm beat and sunburned and worn out..........but can hardly wait to hit it again next Saturday!

Best part is we only took out about 1/3 of our swap meet inventory~
Tomorrow we head to the antique fair (as buyers).  While there I'm gonna shop our Native American items.  Hopefully find somebody with some knowledge that has some time to go over our lot.

Hope others are experiencing great sales in their neck o' the woods!

Now could somebody please plug in the oxygen for craigslist???


I just hung up with Don who went to a 'new' (meaning one we had never attended) auction today.  We called yesterday to verify and was told 'yes there would be an auction and there were 8 units up'.  Don got there about 8:45 (9 schedule start) and there was nobody there.  I told him to hang out as they would show up.  Well they turned out to be the manager and he said there definitely was an auction today.

Turns out that Don was the only one (red flags) and when the manager opened the first unit Don offered him $10.  Nope~I have to have what's owed on the unit which was $275.  They proceeded to look at the rest of the units and went back to the office to discuss.  

There were two small trashy units that he offered up at $10 each.  So Don bought those.  What have ya got to lose???  Another unit was $225 and the guy said the former tenant was in jail and that he supposedly stole jewelry from his folks. thanks!  Don ended up buying another unit for the $275 fees and he is cleaning it out now.

Thus far he has found some (more) Native American items, two brand new in the box pairs of Air Jordans (will have to research as I now have some idea of their value), a box loaded with DVD's (they're in there), a couple brand new ladders (1 fiberglass the other an extension) and tons of boxes, all taped with a quarter inch of dust.

Really have no idea why nobody else was there or what the deal was/is, but figured with what I made on ebay over the past 3 days, might as well roll the dice.  It's an opportunity that I can't imagine comes along too often.  Just hope it isn't too good to be true kinda deal.

Will try to update after we learn more.

I can't even imagine how weird that must have felt being the only bidder~
Has that ever happened to you?

Garage Sales / Little traffic, but those that showed.....bought~
« on: July 09, 2012, 09:09:37 AM »
We rarely do yard sales as we live quite rural and foot traffic is quite minimal.  But with us landing 5 lockers in a week and a half our yard was overrun and storms were threatening, so we went for it.

3 days of sorting and organizing and sweating and moaning and we were ready.
I billed the thing as 5 storage locker accumulation sale and had folks calling to find out more.  Expected a big crowd, but was quiet.  When we opened (at 5:30) there was nobody here.  Usually we have people waiting at the gate, but it was after 6 before we heard tires in the gravel.  Folks slowly trickled in.  I'd say we had a total of 80 customers all day and of those maybe 70 purchased items.  Most folks were great with only two (groups) that I wanted off my property due to rudeness.  I did mention in the ad that prices were subject to customers attitude (so smile!)~

We ended up making over $500 which added nicely to the $440 we did the day before selling some 'old' stock in the jbl speakers & a brush guard.  Oh yeah and sold just over $100 of mother-in-laws items~

Just a couple highlights~
I had the air jordans displayed and this young hispanic kid saw them.  It was instant draw with his eyes growing huge as he made an immediate beeline to them.  The young black man that was with him followed his gaze and both were devastated to find they were all too small.  I had such a good time with those two and they helped me immensely with all the hip-hop items.  A couple things I learned is that my prices were more than fair and that yes.......those hats & jeans are supposed to look ripped and torn.....dang I'm gettin' old!

Another great experience was with Steve.  A great older biker kinda guy who, at our last yard sale, bought a bundle of old coins in which he gave us market value.  we sat and talked and I mentioned our gold (very small amount of 10k).  He wanted to take a look at it.  He was digging through some of our 'cheap' jewelry so I thought I'd bring out our bowl of crap jewelry which he painstakingly went through. 

He pulled out maybe 8 pieces and told me to check these for silver and these for gold.  We haggled about the 10k and he said he could only go about $10 a gram on it as 10k is iffy.  We couldn't agree on a price and I told him I'd just hold it for now.  I got his number and said I'd call if we came across any coins.

After he left traffic was light so I sat and tested the items he pulled.  Most were crap but I found one sterling chain bracelet and the one piece he thought was German hollow link gold (white).  It tested out at 18K!!

I called him back and told him I'd agree to his price for the 10k as he just found me a 100 dollar bill.  He came back and we struck the deal and I threw in a questionable piece with the stipulation if he made millions off it to remember me.
Fast forward to yesterday morning when Steve showed up and said "About that heart pendant? Well we both have to get better at testing as it was 10k."  He handed me another $10.

I'm telling you folks......honesty like that just isn't seen too often these days.

All in all it was a great sale with numerous new friends/customers!

We've sold another $80 or so since the sale ended so even with the sweltering temps and threat of rain, things are looking up.  And my inventory has never been so well organized!!

Have auctions (two different caravans) today and again on Weds/Thurs so I'm glad I found my backyard.....hopefully I have the opportunity to muck it all up again~ ;D

Let me preface by saying this was day 2 of a 2 day caravan with 'Hollywood' (my nickname for him as he looks like a tv personality and is from California) as our auctioneer.

We finished at the first facility and Don & I were the first to arrive at the second.  Walked into the office to sign the (dreaded) green sheets and a young man (with a familiar face) was at the counter and started chatting about doing a spot on the local news about storage auction buying.  The facility manager looked a bit perturbed and said he'd have to get permission from folks to film them at which point I made it very clear I didn't want to be 'seen'.  I also told him I doubted many of the regulars would either (which was SOOOO the case when they arrived).

The regional manager basically told them they could film from the parking area but were not allowed to enter the facility.  I talked with the regulars and told them who I thought would grant the interview.   They were down to one unit and it was over rapidly.  As we left I saw one (relative) newbie talking on camera.  I chuckled and went on to the final facility where............
the interviewee showed up and I asked ' time we see you are we gonna laugh or kick your ***?'  He chuckled and said now he'd have to watch out for the IRS.  I've talked with him enough that he knew I was teasing him.

5 minutes pass and the camera is rolling again with my predicted couple beaming into the cameras.  Now the guy swears he handled the interview in a way that projected the business for what it is, but we'll see.  Let's just say that I remember a unit they bought that when they were pronounced the winners she jumped up and down giggling and clapping her hands. 

Went into the facility and saw a crap locker and as we exited the camera was on the door.  as I stepped out the camera man was quick to drop the lens.  Guess he heard me the first time~

I have no idea what to expect, but I'll be tuning in to see what all was said.  I just pray that nobody glamorized this business.  I did tell the reporter that if he really wanted to do a story, do one about the guy who loses his butt or about cleaning out a 'real' locker.  I said this business is far from the treasure hunting that takes place on television.......even if we do have 'Hollywood' as our auctioneer. 8)

Forgot to mention that the regional manager had received a call yesterday from KOLD13 about wanting to do a piece and he told them they just showed up~


I watched the noon news and nothing yet, so I'll let you know how it turns out.....hopefully there was no story and it winds up a no-show~

Alright~auctions today with a Phoenix based auctioneer.  Relatively large crowd.  First facility had 10 units.  I've gotten to the point where I say (either to Don or myself) 'gotta get the first unit of the day'.  

Stood around shootin' the **** with the regulars and talking about moving the pool table.  Lots of talk of what we got for it, as some have said they have to practically give them away.  Well auctioneer is ready and away we go......

Doors open and what is the first thing that I see?  You guessed Olhausen pool table.  Ugh~
Bidding opened at $25 and I found myself bidding.  Well ended up getting it for $225.  It was about a 10X10.  Really not a lot of value showing~some nice speakers, kids stuff, an iron table base (or something~won't know until we finish unloading tomorrow) and stuff.

We carried on for the next 9 units, but didn't really bid again.  Decided we'd forgo the next 2 facilities and unload some of the smaller items.  The first box I looked in I found a bit of gold (a 14k chain~very light) and some sterling jewelry.  Yeah us!  

The speakers are JBL's and in very good shape.  There are 5 of those with two being extra-large woofers.  We were worried about finding the rails of the table, but did find them stored behind some gnarly dirty micro-fiber sofa~yeah!

We caught up with the auction at another facility where we ended up landing a unit for $675 that looked fantastic.......boy howdy looks can be deceiving.  It was full of antique looking furniture including a large wood buffet (it is old and cool) and tons of art~ugh~more art.

There is a lift chair and a hospital bed, but most of the stuff in the unit was either incomplete or junk.  I think we'll recoup, but turning a profit will be tough.  I think we recoup and the art will be the profit and right now......I don't see much, although some of the frames may have some value~we'll see.

Should have quit while we were ahead~
Oh well.....really sad thing is we needed inventory for the swap meet and really didn't end up with any.  Most of the items are going to be the craigslist/ebay stuff.

Oh out of the first unit Don found a large ring that I assumed was a fake, but it says 14K.  I ordered a test kit, but it hasn't arrived yet~anxious to test that one as that would make that first unit a HUGE success!!
Took some photos of the first unit~

So to make a long story short~our cheap unit is gonna pay off nicely and our expensive one will be a bear to move~shouldn't have gotten greedy~ :)

So....anybody interested is a 7' Olhausen 3 piece slate pool table?!?!

General Storage Auction Talk / I can relax~
« on: May 05, 2012, 07:44:25 PM »
After landing the $725 unit I was a bit worried.  I knew the value was there, but so much of it was iffy~2 refrigerators, 2 gas dryers, lots of EXTRA large furniture.....a bit rough and the pool table.  Did they work, was everything complete & of course....the limited market thing.

Remember we had to rent a box truck to haul this load so we ended up at just over $800 total invested.
We recouped that yesterday.  Had a crappy day at the flea today (only $200) and we sweltered.....spring is now over in Southern Arizona~

Well....we just sold the pool table for $650!!!
Still have 1 fridge, 90% of the furniture and all the cabling equipment~which may have some serious value if I can find the 'right' buyer~

I love this business, but I can never fully enjoy a locker until it's paid in full~then....yeeeee ha!!!


Flea Markets / Had a good day at our local swap meet~
« on: April 23, 2012, 09:49:56 AM »
Saturday found us out up and early at one of our local flea markets (swap meet in the desert southwest).  With threats of temps of over 100 degrees we hit it early and were set up by 7.  90% of sales came from the 'new' inventory from our outdoorsy (guys) locker.  We did just over $400 before crowds dwindled and temps rose by 10 am.  It was the shortest time we've ever spent selling there and one of the best.

A few weeks ago I had a lady interested in old pyrex casserole.  I told her $10.  She waffled, so I said "For you, $8."  She looked at me and back at the item and said "I'm going to take it and pay you the $10".  I was surprised as I've never had anybody give up a discount before.  Well Saturday we had one top that.

Haggled (pleasantly) with a guy over a couple items totaling $8 (originally $9) and he paid and left.  About an hour later he walked up and handed me a brown paper bag.  He said "you're working him too hard.  He needs nourishment, so here's a couple tacos."  Too funny!  Sometimes the haggling is just for the sport of it and not really about the $$$!  Oh and the tacos were killer!!

It had been 3 weeks since we had been out selling (yard sale then weather prevented it previous weeks).  We debated selling at the larger meet, but figured we needed to touch base with some of our regulars at our junkers swap meet.  Glad we did.  Made some quick cash and few new friends.

Oh.....had one guy tell us that the runway beacon was in fact used on radio towers and said he'd pay cash right then if I installed it for him~
I weigh a whoppin' 120 lbs~I had to laugh and declined his offer~ :D

eBay / A surefire sign you got a good locker~
« on: April 18, 2012, 08:00:56 AM »
Just woke up and checked my ebay items and I have 28 folks 'watching'  7 items.  6 of those came from our Big Wheel  locker.  The piano stool has received its first bid and with 8 watchers, I'm hoping the price goes up.

This guy just had unique stuff and folks seem to dig that!

Can't wait to head out to the swap meet and see how we do with the 'other' stuff from that unit~

Tempted to put the runway beacon on, but shipping that beast would be a *****!  Besides, we sold the big wheel yesterday (much to our daughters' chagrin), so we could 'afford' to keep it if I so choose~ 8)

Stories about Storage Auctions / We landed a decent locker today~
« on: April 11, 2012, 04:54:06 PM »
First unit of the day!  10X10 full with get this........a motorcycle in it!  All I know (at this point) is it's a Yamaha and has some big fat tires on it.  One of the guys there said we probably made the unit on that alone.  We paid $750.  I know the bike will need work, but honestly....we'll make our money back on the tools and furniture, so the bike and sporting goods will be the gravy~

Quite a few tools (yeah!) and tons of sporting goods.  There are at least 4 sets of skis, some Faber snowshoes and icefishing gear......uhmmm.....I live in Tucson AZ and we're heading into summer....yikes. :-\

Some vintage furniture with a beautiful old coffee table and the coolest old stool.  It has cast iron legs that attach into a wood (barrel-shaped) block and screws up and down.  the seat is trashed, but it's still very cool.  I have an old metal sign that measures 3' X 2' double-sided with a neat scene and it says State of Vermont Maple Syrup then on the bottom Member Vermont Maple Sugar Maker's Assoc.  It's a bit rough, but all in all in very cool, vintage condition....even has a bullet hole in one corner~

Rollerblades, tennis rackets, fishing poles, hunting jackets.....too cool.  Not much in the way of housewares and the like, but certainly a money maker.  Oh and it is primarily a GUYS locker, but we did find a Dolce & Gabbana purse.  Have a friend who will 'authenticate' it for me tomorrow~

An extra oh....oh there is a runway light in there.  We didn't have room to haul it home on our first run, but it's BIG.  I know the glass is chipped and I have no idea of age, but we know it's a runway light.

I'm sure I'm leaving things out and will definitely update when I know more, but dang it feels good to get a unit with some 'surprises' again!

Picker's Paradise / Local Goodwill auction~verrry interesting~
« on: April 05, 2012, 02:29:54 PM »
So we went to investigate one of our local auctioneers who advertises his Goodwill auctions (twice a week~every week) and it was quite interesting.  Only saw one other locker buyer there.  Prices were dirt cheap and I was shocked at the amount of inventory.  This was mostly an inquiring venture as we had our youngest with us (Spring Break) and brought my SUV rather than the truck, but we saw enough profitability to go back in the future with truck and trailer.

Watched 4 plastic slides (the kind you hook up to large playsets) sell for a buck each.  Heck I probably could have turned them for a minimum $10 each.  I know Don paid upwards of $60 for the one we have and that was 8 years ago.
Very few bidding wars and mostly on electronics and scrap wire/metal.  I was amazed at the speed at which it moved along.

I know this has been discussed here before, but this is a first time for us~
If you have them in your area, could be a valuable place to pick up additional merchandise until the glamor  of storage locker buying wears off~ ;)

Craigslist / Everybody needs a 'Butch'~
« on: March 15, 2012, 12:45:26 PM »
Alrighty~so I had over 400 albums listed on craigslist for $150 (yes....I know I could have piecemealed 'em out and made more, but who has time for that?).  Ran the ad....nothing.  Ran it again and Butch called me.  I knew immediately I was gonna like this guy, deal or no.  I had listed the ad so as not to mislead and I told him some of the albums (and covers) were trashed and others were mint.  He replied "yep.  I'll bet the Pablo Cruise and Herb Alperts are mint, as those of us who grew up with rock tended to be stoned and didn't much care how we treated our vinyl!"  :D

Anyway the guy gets here this morning (he lives about 80 miles away) and immediately shook hands and said he got a good vibe from us.  We talked about how we acquired the bulk of the albums and he got real excited and said 'I'm your vinyl guy!  any you get, you call me and I'll buy!'  We continued talking auctions, drugs & vintage vinyl, of which he partakes in two and I two, though not the same ones.  He finally said the deal was done.  Never tried to haggle, although I would have come down a bit, just to move them.  And voila! a great new contact has been made!

You know, with all the flakes that craigslist attracts, for every ten you get one Butch and that makes it all worth while!


eBay / Free listing day today only~
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:25:51 PM »
Just received notice that today is a free listing day on Ebay.  So get busy!!!  Yes I'm talkin' to you Money! ;D

oh won't go against your 50 free per month blah, blah, blah.......
Since I received it half way through the day, I'll just relist items that didn't sell previously and hope for the best.  Don't have much time for new listings~

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