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The Treasure Chest / My first post - 8 month roundup of best finds
« on: December 17, 2011, 08:46:29 PM »
Hello Forum
Im new around here but have been buying units for the last 8 months. About 25 units in total from top/bottoms to my first 10x40 last week.
Heres a quick synopsis of my most memorable units

I had been Ebay for almost 10 years and sold anything I could get my hands on, starting around the house and then got into picking, and hitting store liquidations. Made a few thousand on Drugfairs closing, last day open everything was 99% off.  Anyway I needed a fresh supply of merch to sell so I got into storage auction.

Ive since gotten into Craiglisting, amazon, yard sales, and soon ill be renting a few booths in an indoor flea market.

First unit ever! It was actually the first auction I had ever been to, but came ready to buy.  Cost $500 packed with most of a household due to divorce

Right off the bat I pulled out an Electrolux Vacuum, guess no one knew these sell used for $300
Korg x3 $550
Peavey Amp
100+ Dvds and Games
Some nice furniture

This was upsetting

Digging through some clothes I felt something heavy and pulled out a jewelry box
Mostly scrap about $500 worth but this needed some research
I did some googling but couldnt find the exact model. BC it was in a gold filled case I wasn't sure if it was worth putting the cash into having it cleaned, the crown and stem replaced, and a new strap. Ended up taking the risk and paid $150.
After bringing it all over and getting offers ranging from $25 to $300 I just decided to try Ebay and let it ride. Started it at $499 and hoped for 1 bid. checked back in last second and watched it jump from 600 to 800 to $1200. FOR A GOLD FILLED WATCH!!! Had to ship to Singapore but that a whole nother story.


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