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Garage Sales / Nobody has garage sales on Wednesdays...........
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:49:08 PM »
It was a gorgeous 50 degrees and pretty windy so I decided to blow off the auctions and set up a yard sale. 

Was set up and running by 10am and shut it down at 3pm. 

Total take for the day $23.

Only thing sold today was candles and toys.   Since I have it all set up I am going to run it again a few more days.

I have way to many big items I need to clear out to make room for new stuff.

I have been lucky that I don't have to many auctions overlap each other.  If they do they are usually far enough apart in distance it makes the choice easy.

Well this saturday I have a auction in a city with 20 units.  It starts at 9am and then there is another auction in a better neighborhood with four units at 12.

I am going to start at the 20 unit auction and see how things go and then decide if I want to stay or move on to the other auction in the better area.

I was just curious how others decide what auctions to attend when more than one are going on at same time?

eBay / Ebay Shipping is killing me
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:57:51 PM »
I am new to selling on ebay.  Not selling a lot of volume, just basically things I can't unload locally.

I am finding that I am so far off on my shipping estimates that I am paying for shipping out of pocket on majority of items.

I did go buy a scale to help and am now estimating my shipping cost as if I was sending everything to Sea World in San Diego (about 2000 miles away) and will see if that helps.

Sold a medium sized purse and figured $6.95 would cover shipping.  Not even close came out to be $10.81.

Then when you add the FVF on shipping it is a losing battle.   

Anyone willing to share how they stay on top of shipping charges? 


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