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Monday was my second time at a storage auction and defiantly a lot worse than the first. The first room was small and the bidding started at 5 dollars. There was about 6 black bags and a few purses on the ground. It went from 5 to 15 and I bought it for 25 because for 25 bucks why not take a shot right? Wrong. I bought another room which was also small just in case I didn't find anything good. Anyway after I pay I go to the first room and lift up the bags and every time I lift one, items fall out. Turns out all the bags were sliced open with a knife leaving me with garbage. This woman's locker who was defiantly a stripper judging by the clothing in there and they must've took everything out the night before that was valuable and turned the bags upside down so we wouldn't see the holes in the bags during the auction. Every handbag was rummaged through and every zipper was open. This upsets me because if this girl was a dancer she defiantly had more than clothes in there and they knew about it. There could've been money and jewelry, who knows what else. All I got is sexy clothes and 20 pairs of heels. What a waste. Are they allowed to do this??? That was the last time I'll go to queens NY to buy a unit and I'll never go back to safe guard storage either. Terrible auction day, all I got was a flat screen tv that I out on Craigslist and got a text from someone "out of town and will send money order if I give all my info" these people think im stupid I guess ... Anyway just wanted to know if is ever happened to anyone else and if they're allowed to go through units like that!?

After watching storage wars every day me and a friend decided to give it a try. Our first auction was last month in new York. There was 2 lockers up for bids we got the second one for 200 bucks! It was a disaster at first. Boxes and bags everywhere but we dug through it all. We found bags of every drug there is, pills and gun bullets but no gun. We threw away all the drugs and everything associated with drugs and we thought we weren't going to make anything on this unit. Digging further and finally clearing out this 10x10 filled to the top, we made 800 dollars in jewelry and so far 450 on eBay. It was a crazy experience but it was a great one and were going back next week. I'm praying to never get a unit with that many drugs in it again but hey, if it means making 1000 dollars I'll do it again.

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