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I learned last week that my storage unit had been auctioned off and while I would like to blame everyone I'm aware the fault lies with me.  I'm very hard working...I commute daily 2 hours each way from home to work.  I raise my son alone and I have been really trying hard to rebuild after a very bad period in my life.  That said, it's so hard to go to certain sites and see the cruel things that are said about people who abandon or lose their storage units.  Until you really know a person's story then you should not judge the situation.  I lost my job in 09, found myself homeless, then got a great opportunity to relocate with a full time job and home. Blood, Sweat and tears...I never like to make excuses but I did not have the $2K to have my things moved from NY to GA.  It's very hard for me to ask people for anything and the irony to all this is a very very good friend of mine who visits me every other Sunday said how long are you going to continue to rent this furniture...get your things out!!  I explained the situation and told her I was behind but I'm going pay as I always do the 2-3 months at once due to everything I must juggle.  She looked at me and said call them tomorrow pay with this credit card and order you a truck...DONE!  I didn't feel right taking the offer and this is my fault.  Looking at her newly divorced with 3 young children...I didn't want to be a burden.  I could on that Tuesday and was told my unit had been sold.  I was at work and it was the end of the day...I just sat there devastated and cried and cried.  Immediately I'm not thinking about the little furniture I had but my family items, my son's lil monkey he adores and just how I lost my family's memories for $800...I owed $600.  People will say why would you store those things there?  I had no place to take them I felt was safe.  People will say why didn't you just pay your bill?  Your right but the fear of not having a home or a car to get to work again scares me so I do the best I can do.  The reason for all this is not to pull on heart strings...I'm really trying to be hopeful the person will return my personal things I neatly stored away and will see the care and attention I placed on how i kept my things.  That is all I want....I think of so many times I've done a small act of kindness and how that person thought I was their guardian angel.  That feeling is amazing.  I have a new outlook on life and know that the material things can be replaced in families pictures, death certificates, yearbooks and my son's foot prints can not.  I'm clear the facility did reach out to me and sent me letters.  Due to some miscommunication about the contents of the certified letter...I was waiting on them to send me new keys to a lock they replaced.  I would return calls but that last call I missed and when I listened to the message it was just like every other message.  Hey it's B from Extra Space Storage give us a call...not Hey your things are being sold tomorrow.  I trusted the relationship I thought I had with ESS meaning I would call and check in and if things were getting close to auction they would let me know.  My luck ran out and I lost everything......Right now I'm just still trying to be optimistic and saying to myself it's the Holiday season...maybe that means something to this person maybe not.  The facility said that they know him and he normally returns personal items he finds...that restored hope.  Mentally, with everything I've been threw I'm depressed but at the same time so grateful for so many other things that have happened.  This is life. You live and hopefully you learn.  Thank you for reading.  If for whatever reason the person or someone knows the person who attended the auction Dec 5th 2014 at Extra Space Storage in Coram, NY Rte 112 hosted by Ken French Unit 533 please contact me at [email protected]

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