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eBay / Any eBay sellers looking for a hot selling product?
« on: July 13, 2015, 08:12:53 PM »
Hey guys, been gone from the forum for a while been busy with other projects. I know many of you have established ebay and paypal accounts. If anyone is looking for a hot selling product I have one to supply with great margins.

Reason being my Paypal account got shutdown which essentially means I'm off of eBay. I'm working on getting setup with skrill however they have terrible customer service and it's been dragging on for weeks. I have other merchant accounts but you need PP to be on ebay.

Long story short I'd be happy to supply someone else who wants to sell on eBay. I can provide you with terapeak data showing this is a hot selling category and how much money there is to be made. If anyone is interested feel free to hit me up and I can provide more details. I was doing 15k+ a week for the past several years. I'm still selling just not on ebay.

Hey guys, quit my job a few weeks ago, busy running my business however have a bit more freetime to focus on other things like storage auctions and creating digital products and things like that. I've been putting a bit more focus on FreeStorageAuctionLists.Com which is a site I have been neglecting for a while. I'm trying to do some more blogging on there and posting more auctions.

If any of you guys have your own blogs or websites or youtube channels and want to do some guest blogging I'd love to have you. Feel free to post articles about your advice or tips, plus a program or site of yours, etc. If anyone is interested in doing some guest blogging pm me, we can get some posts, more than happy to post your links and plug you, your blog, your product, etc.

We all know people complain about ebay fees as well as ebay policies favoring the buyer but nobody seems to gripe about Amazon.

I just recently started selling on amazon. I find Amazons fee structure to be much higher and worse than ebay, plus I don't believe they give you a chance to lower them with volume or good performance like ebay does. I have yet to see Amazon offer any discounted fees or anything like ebay does routinely.

Amazon also doesn't provide guidance to sellers on how to protect themselves. Ie ebay says over $250 get a signature and you're in the clear. On the offchance an item shows delivered and buyer claims they didnt get it ebay/paypal covers your loss. Amazon doesnt tell you when to put a signaure on items nor do they give clear guidance on how and when they rule in a buyer or sellers favor. They also don't seem to accept delivery confirmation as proof of delivery.

Lastly ebay anyone can put up a listing for anything where as amazon without singing up for a monthly fee and offical selelr account you can copy other peoples existing listings but can't create origional listings of your own.

Just curuios why ebay catches so much flack and amazon doesn't?

I think partly because amazon is more professional sellers and small businesses so its not as many just random people selling out of their basement so ebay is easier for new sellers and smalltime sellers but just curious yoru thoughts?

Also if anyone has tried amazon curious to see how you think it compares to ebay?

I know we all talk about how its nice to get friendly with facility managers, maybe bring a cup of coffee or a footlong to them for some favorable treatment whether its an extra day of leaving stuff in a locker, ending an auction on your bid a bit quicker, etc. For the most part though its just casual friendliess not really friends.

Anyhow, a buddy of mine recently landed a gig as a manager of a pretty large area of storage facilities. I think it will be interesting hearing his perspective and info on the storage business in general as well as hearing funny stories and his experiences at auctions too.

I think he'll probably tip me off to some good units and stuff as well although his area is pretty far from me so doubt I'll be heading there all that often. Just curious if anyone else has the hookup at a particular facility and how its helped you

Just curious your guys opinion on whether the time, money, and effort spent hustling storage units and selling the merchandise is worth the return?

A few years back I was all about storage auctions. Stumbled into the ecommerce arena which in some ways is the same as storage auctions but found I could make more money easier and without having to put in as much time as with storage auctions.

None the less I'm planning on getting back into storage auctions, partially for the money but even more so just because I enjoy the surprise of finding whats in a locker, finding things for myself to use around my home as well as finding items to resell.

I guess my point for me personally though I'll gladly take the money if it were strictly aboutthe money imho there's easier ways to make a buck, this really is a hustle, but I enjoy it so thats why I'm still doing it.

eBay / Getting your first neg feedback is actually very freeing!!!
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:48:32 PM »
For the longest time I had thousands of positive feedback and had never been dinged with a negative feedback. It reminds me of when you get a new car and you are crazy about not getting it dinged or scratched and once you get a ding or two you stop caring so much.

That is how it was with my ebay account. I was going overboard catering to demanding customers all trying to avoid getting a negative feedback kissing butt and giving refunds when they really weren't deserved or were a customer mistake. I recently lost my top rated seller and power seller standing because of trying to claim final value fees back. I kind of stoped caring and its actually very freeing that I'm not jumping through hoops to keep that.

The discounts were nice but nothing that huge, main discounts were on USPS postage but I ship all fedex these days so that didn't really help me out anymore.

Just thought it was worth noting as I imagine others out there have the same logic as I had so protective of ebay account but once you get a bad feedback or lose stnading you really don't have to be as paranoid about ebay.

I had a customer the other day who basically said before I leave feedback I'd like you to refund me because I saw a seller on ebay selling this item for such and such amount of money. He wanted me to refund him 6 puchases over the course of the last year. I told him not only is that a totally different selling platform but there's people selling the same thing at various prices all over ebay, if he wnated best price and iddn't care about service or feedback he should hvae bought from someone else. Told him I provide a superior service and charge a bit more for it. We got into a big thing and basically he said he was going to leave me bad feedback. Told him my thousands of good feedbacks will outweigh his go right ahead. Needless to say he never left me bad feedback and I didn't have to cave to an extortionist.

eBay / Signature Limits Raised
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:45:22 PM »
Just curious if anyone else has noticed this. I personally didn't see a notification but my business partner mentioned he saw either paypal or ebay upped the signature required to $750 instead of $250. I think he said this was paypal so ebay items are still $250 but on larger ticket items sold just through paypal you only need a sig if above $750. Personally this is going to save me a lot of money as over volume that $2 or 2.5 dollars they charge per order adds up.

I got a policy update or notification the other day about buyer protection being extended from 45 days to 6 months. Really a half year? What could possibly go wrong with an item that you can't figure out in 45 days. I think 45 days is more than enough time to find glitches or errors in a product. Anything over 45 days let alone 6 months is user error or abuse if a product breaks. Who needs 6 months to decide if they like an item or want to keep it.

What do you guys think of this?

Picker's Paradise / Grills A Great Item To Pick
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:16:10 AM »
I love picking grills, like cooking grills, from driveways on garbage day. SO many people throw out grills that are perfectly fine, I think once they get a little rusty or even dirty people just buy a new grill instead of celaing them. Worst case scenario maybe the propane hose is clogged or broken which is a cheap easy fix. Grills aren't cheap even a pretty bad quality grill is like $100 or $150 and grills are kind of disposable items ie many people dont bother taking them when moving so if you move frequently its probably something you wanna pickup used. I pick them up clean them or get a new propane hose and its an easy flip on cl or local paper. Just wanted to throw that out there as I imagine everyone has seen many grills sitting at the bottom of a driveway on garbage day.

Hey guys these are not from auctions but helping a buddy of mine sell some computers. He's an IT guy at a local university so takes really good care of his computers and goes through alot so he asked me to sell a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini and  Lenovo X220. I havn't really sold computers on craigslist, curious if I'll get low balled as bad as on other items and also if any of you guys are into mac would love some advice on pricing as I'm more a pc guy. I'm curious if I wanna do on cl and avoid ebay fees and get cash or if I may wind up better off letting the auctions run their course and letting market determine price. ALso if any of you guys are mac gys or computer guys in general would love some advice on pricing these.

Lenovo X220 with solid state drive
Macbook Pro 13' Model A1278
Mac Mini Model A1283
Macbook Air 13 Model A1369

The "Other" Job / Getting ready to leave "the other job"
« on: September 27, 2014, 08:52:28 AM »
Hey guys, havn't been around lately as much as I used to. I'm finally getting ready to leave "the other job" was planning on doing it back in august but have some things up in the air, looks like its getting pushed back to November but in the very near future going to be leaving the other job. It's acutally to focus on my other business however my other business doesn't really require m-f 9-5 so thinking about getting more heavily back into auctions hitting a few auctions a week and trying to roll that in to my current ecomerce business. Also figure as long as I'm not tied down by a job and have much more freetime I'll be sitting in my own office all day so have plenty of time to have craigslist people stop by, figure I'm going to be there most of the day anyway so why not take advantage and really try to hustle cl. In the past I didn't try to hard as I have limited time and the flakes turn me off to really trying to hustle on cl but as long as I'm sitting in my own office all day and can have people come by anytime if they show they show if they dont they dont doesn't waste my time. Been kinda out of the loop only hitting occasional auctions and treating it more like a hobby shopping for my home than a business lately so will be good to get back into it. I would love to incorporate a retail store into my current business however it seems like once you open the doors to retail you have a lot more headaches in terms of having to get a city business license, my city is pretty strict about signage and stupid stuff. With an office you don't have all those requirements and cheaper as well so figure I'll just have an office and do some cl hustling. I'll have to report back on how things are going.

In my city today they are having a car auction for police dept seized vehicles as well as municipal vehicles ie the water dept pickup trucks and bobcats and things like that. Was planning on going and last minute wound up having to work this weekend so couldn't go. I always seem to miss these auctions. Just curious if any of you guys go to these types of auctions and if there's good prices and an opportunity to make money?

Just wanted to share some helpful info. I just lost my top rated seller status on one of my accounts which means I lose my 20% discount in seller fees which some months can wind up being a discount of $1500. basically i occasionally get buyers who will pay and then say they made a mistake and ask to cancel or refund. i normally would cancel in order to get my fvf back. even though its the buyer who bought and didn't want i would cancel. well apparently now you can't have more than 2% of your acutions cancelled or request fvf fees back. i was just over 2% so lost my status. hurts me in search rankins and lose some discounts on fees and i thin maybe even shipping. ive basically decided that im gonna have to take a loss and eat some fees because the value by bieng a top rated seller outweights a few bucks lost on an item here and there. basically thats 2 transactions out of 100 that can be cancelled. im gonna save those for high dollar items and not the small stuff. just wanted to give everyone a heads up sometimes its better to lose a few bucks than lose your power seller status.

A buddy of mine was recently asking me this question. I guess a few years back he was kinda half assing his ebay sales didn't really care about eBay, had some stuff listed went on vacation shipped late. He never realized it but his ebay privileges were suspended due to too many low DSR or something along those lines. He now is into auctions and has a use for ebay and realized he couldn't sell which sucks for him. He called up no luck. I'd always heard once you screw up on ebay and get banned there's no getting it back and any future accounts you setup will be quickly discovered. Just curious if anyone has run into this and managed to get it reversed.

Throug doing some research online it seems its basically impossible. I was surprised to see some great sellers with like 1500 feedback got suspended for basically no negative feedback just DSR scores below what ebay wants. Just curious if anyone else has any experience with this.

Hey guys, sorry havn't been posting in a while or as much as I used to, have my hands full with some other projects and been traveling a bit. The ebay section is probably one of my favorites these days, not a ton of activity on there.

Travis, tons of props, love the changes you've made to the site, love you as an admin and everything. I appreciate that your trying to spur discussion but at the same time, just my opinion, the forum is kinda being watered down with junk posts. I see you and a few others posting things like can you retract a bid on ebay? or similar questions, things that are easily found on ebays site or even doing a quick google search first result that pops up.

Though not as accomplished as you I do have some blogs and have taken a stab at forums in the past with no success. The reason I bring this up is say a new reader or someoen new to storage auctions comes nad checks out the site. Even if there aren't as frequent updates as ideal if they see past discussions that answer important questions and provide good advice they will probably join teh forum and add some value. If they come and see the entire first page of a category is garbage filler questions they probably wont even bother taking a look around.

I'd love to see maybe some sections added, maybe a bit off topic but everyone here i think has some similar interests in terms of making money so maybe focus a section on police auctions or soething. The company I used to attend auctions for that did chicago pd auctins and us marshals hassn't run one in a year. I love police auctions but can't find any in the chicagoland area. Also maybe those freight auctions or airline auctions or maybe even a section for wholesale merchandise for those ebay sellers out there

Not sure if this woudl be more fitting for a PM but would love to see the forum as engaging as it used to be. That said I shoudl also probblyy chime in a bit more myself and try to stir up some discussion. Love the forum, would love to see everyone engaged like before.

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