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Congrats go out to Storage Battles for becoming the preferred partner for online auctions by the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA).

It must have been a big strugle for you to get the title - good on you!

Check out the details here:

The Lounge / Over-Unity (Free Energy) Is One Step Closer
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:41:32 PM »
Time to chunk your solar cells! This is amazing! Just imagine what we will be able to do with the ability of expanding water.

Check it out here:


I am very excited about this one!

What's it Worth?? / NES 001
« on: January 21, 2013, 03:19:57 PM »
I got a link e-mailed to me today that has a guy doing a rant about the storage wars shows saying the NES 001 is worth thousands of dollars.

This is funny as all heck!

WARNING: There is a lot of very colorful language in this video. Please don't view it if you don't like that sort of stuff... I donít get offended easily and I was shocked a few times Ė CAUTION!

What is funny is, this guy got over 28,000 views on the video in a little bit over a week and over 59,000 subscribers to his channel. Not bad at all!

Much of what he said I can agree with. The Storage Wars shows are messing up the markets in a lot of areas. It will be nice when everything gets a reset...


Craigslist / Here's How To Handle Craigs List Scammers
« on: December 30, 2012, 10:52:27 AM »
I have been contacted by a scammer on craigs list about one of my items for sale there. For those interested Iíll outline here what I did to handle these.

First, what happens is somebody will respond to your ad via email with the following:

Is this item still available for pick up?

No other information is exchanged.

What the scammer is doing is trying to get your e-mail address. If the item is still available it is natural to reply to the e-mail with an affirmative. They now have your e-mail address.

What comes next is a message something like this:

From: Teresa Garcia [email protected]

Thank you for your quick response, i am Teresa Garcia, from Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colorado. I would have wish to come over and inspect this at your place but I am presently off-shore. I am interested in buying this for my son in FL as a surprise gift and please just make sure it is in great condition as described. I will appreciate more pictures if available and will be sending your money asap. My shipper will be available to pick this up as soon as payment is made. Do you have PayPal account? because, I have a PayPal account that I can easily send money through because, its good for business payments. Kindly get back to me with your PayPal email address and name in order for me to transfer your money asap. Confirm sale to me by deleting the advert from Craigslist.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
Colorado, Denver.

Unless you prefer to do else wise, you should be putting in your Craigslist ad that you would like a Cash and Carry deal and no shipping is available. Also you should be asking responders to be replying via phone call so you can take this out of the virtual world and putting it into the real world ASAP. These people will wear you out with e-mail chatter for sure! Itís best to get them on the phone.

I suspected I was dealing with a scammer when I got the first e-mail but really didnít know for sure. This might have been somebody that truly couldnít comprehend what I wrote. After I got the second e-mail I knew right there I was dealing with a scammer.

Here are the steps I did to deal with the individual:

Did a quick Internet search of the personís e-mail address. I did find quite a few places where there were people complaining about this person. You might consider doing a search on the first sentence of the e-mail as well. This usually reveals some results likewise.

I replied to the e-mail with the following:

Please do not contact me anymore with your scams. Any future contact will result in my giving your e-mail to the proper authorities. Namely, local police, the GBI, the FBI, and your e-mail ISP. Misrepresenting yourself to scam and steal from the less knowledgeable is a serious offense.

Others have reported you on several web sites as a scammer. In the future I will not let you off that easy. Be Careful who you contact in the future with a scam. You might be being setup for a sting!

BTW, I will be contacting Gmail and Craigslist about your activities.

I then dug out the original e-mail sent via the Craigslist anonymous reply system and clicked the flag link to flag the original contact as a scam.

After doing that I went to SpamCop dot net (Setup an account if needed) and reported the second e-mail. SpamCop recognized that it was sent through the G-mail server so, all is good. Careful, you donít want to report the first e-mail contact from Craigslist, as that will report the Craigslist server for sending Spam.

There is a space provided by SpamCop for you to input some text. I copied the same text in this space that I sent to the person doing the scam. I do this because G-mail needs to know why I am using SpamCop to report the individual.

The last step in the process is posting the e-mail address of the person that is doing the scam in this forum. This is sure to generate a few more e-mails for the scammer Ė LOL!

If more people would take a proactive approach to reporting these scammers we can take back Craigslist from the scammers. But it will take everybody getting involved to report them otherwise these people will continue to rip people off.



General Storage Auction Talk / Get Rich Quick
« on: December 29, 2012, 03:04:20 PM »
While picking through storage lockers I think I have seen just about every get Rich Quick scheme out there. I'm sure I'm not the only one here - LOL!

Here is a new one (pictured)!

This is no doubt the updated version given that the audio is on Cassette tapes - LOL!

Any of you newbies want it -  ;) I'll give you a great deal - LOL!


Stories about Storage Auctions / Don't See This Everyday...
« on: December 28, 2012, 04:17:44 PM »
I was cleaning out a locker at a facility that is close to an airforce base. The fighter in the picture was doing laps or something. It did what seemed like 10 or so touch and goes. Was it loud?

Oh hell yes! Man, the first time it made a pass it made me jump so high I think I left the floor three feet - LOL! I didn't even hear it coming! I had to change my drawers when I got home  :D

Dang, why don't we fly a squadren of these things at supersonic speed and 100 feet above the ground over Afganistan... I'm sure that would freak out a few people!


The Lounge / Win a Storage Wars Texas Season One DVD
« on: November 06, 2012, 11:14:00 AM »
Win a Storage Wars Texas Season One DVD. Details Here:

Online Storage Auctions / Something Interesting - Looking for feedback...
« on: September 04, 2012, 07:32:48 PM »
I have come accross something interesting today and I was wondering if anybody knows anthing about this.

Go to the American Auctioneers (Dan and Laura Dotson - Storage Wars) website at:

Look for the following date and listing:

US Storage Centers-Carson Street
735 W Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90502
(310) 782-8185
 Sep 20, 2012
12:00 PM   

Here is where it gets interesting...

Go To the Sealed Online Bids website at:

You will notice both are having an auction at the same place. Hmmmm! I can't confirm the same locker is being sold but i do know both auctions end on the same day!

It seems strange to me that the Dotsons would pass on such a great (looking - maybe) locker to auction off. Or maybe the locker at sealed online bids is a contribution (Multiple lockers put together - Hmmmmm) locker they are passing off as a lien locker...

However, could there be some sort of connection between Sealed Online Bids and the Dotsons? Hmmmmm...

Only reason why i am bringing it up is it seems strange that the Dotsons would not have an exclusive auction contract with this facility...

i wonder which is the scammer? The Dotsons, The Facility, or Sealed Online Bids - LOL!

Any Comments?

 ;) ;) ;)

Hi all;

I was wondering if I could ask a favor from my fellow Georgia Sisters and Brothers.

I have been busy developing an Auction list resource and for the most part it is ready for minor testing. If those in Georgia have a few minutes to spare I would appreciate it if you could check out this URL:

What should happen is the scripting will recognize your location and feedback 25 of the closest Self-Storage Auctions to you. There is a good chance that you will get nothing returned if you visit the page with a smart phone or some such. It all depends on what information is exchanged between my server and your ISP.

And yes, I do know there isn't 31 days in June - LOL! It is a glitch I have to fix.

Speaking of the calendar, if you click on the dates you will be presented with the auctions happening on those days.

Everybody else (Outside of Georgia) might enjoy going to:

You should be presented with 50 Self-Storage locations in your area. If nothing is found use the drilldown link in the right margin to link up with your area.

I have almost 37,000 Self-Storage locations in the database so there is sure to be something for you in your immediate area. Don't forget to print the list so you can start your call list and find Auctions on your own. Sometimes the auctions found on your own are the best auctions to go to.

Thanks Everybody,

Hey all!

Just a short note to let you in on some drama going on with Spikes Auction Hunters. So I don't have duplicate content floating around the Internet (Bad For SEO) you can get the details Here:

The link above is my web site. I didn't see any reason for a cut and paste...

There are some details there and a contest link as well - ;o)

But, I'll say one thing, it looks like the Auction Hunters are far from being cool guys if the stories are true. Hard to believe that they are not more humble when it comes to meeting people that watch their show or want to get more involved.

I know I am going to reconsider watching it. I'll maybe watch the reruns on Sunday morning if I'm not doing anything but that is 'bout all.


Hello, my name is Phil and I am a Storage Auction Addict. However, I donít think Iím going sober anytime soonÖ

Iíve been doing this as a hobby since the mid 90ís. I lost count of how many I have bought and how many deals I made because of it. It all kind of melds together after a while Ė LOL!

Iíve been lurking for a bit and thought it was about time I signup and contribute some. The discussions here are some of the best available on the Ďnet. The forum admin should be proud of his/her success.

I go to auction around the Atlanta area mostly with a couple of runs into Alabama now and then. I am located OTP west (some jargon for my fellow Atlanta neighbors - ;o) ) so that makes it a easy drive for me into Alabama.

Ah well, off to the message boardsÖ


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