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Well I most always find some money but just a few dollars. Once found over $4,300 in a locker. This summer bought a locker for $500 and found a little over $200 in change and cash in it it was a very good locker.  Couple years ago paid $180 for a locker and found $140 in a woman wallet that was otherwise empty.  Normally I only find a few dollars though. 

Well according to Washington state law personals are supposed to be returned. At one time some managers were saying you could not even take them from the facility. Now reason has returned and they are saying return them in 30 days. I make an effort to return personals. I am told by facility managers fewer then 10% are picked up and they do not like dealing with them but if they refuse them they could be sued.  I once returned the personals from a locker that included Cremains. Like 3 months later I got a call from the facility asking where the personals were, so I suspect they are not holding them 6 months like the law requires. Once I showed up with the personals and they said the person moved to Texas please toss them in our dumpster, it was a lot of albums of the kid hurt me to toss them but I did . Working a locker now with huge piles of photos all are going back most likely will be tossed by the facility but at least I do not have to pay to dump them.

Weird & Wacky Finds / Re: Strangest item you ever came across?
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:29:06 PM »
I am new to the whole storage auction scene. I am just wondering what the weirdest or strangest things are you ever came across? What can I expect to find?

Most unexpected and unwanted-3 pound tube of hamburger that had been in the locker 6 months. Or maybe the eggs that were in another locker about a year.

Typical finds I have found them all-Dentures, Cremains human and pet,  sex toys, dirty dishes, porn, stuffed chicken, letters from prison, girlfriends letters to convict with naked pictures of herself, drug paraphernalia, grow operations, medical records from the mental hospital, bag of over 100 condoms at least they were not used, school books, library books, DVD from the rental place, Uhaul marked carts and blankets obviously stolen, rug doctor rental not returned, ammo about every other locker has at least a little, cheap falling apart pressboard furniture, older quality furniture with drawers missing and major damage, AA literature and coins, NA Literature and coin, bongs, magazines, junk mail, unpaid bills, eviction notices, home canned food 10 year old, rat droppings, dead rats, live rats (7 babies in a box), worthless tube TVs one or more in every unit, kitchen utensils of no value, worn out tires, cheap wall hangings, mattresses that are so ugly they go the dump, couches you would not want in your house, beat up VCRs, paint, hazardous household goods, 3 pounds of mercury in a flask,  and cheap tools made in China.
Rare finds but I have found them- Gold, silver, cash or coin, quality tools, nice furniture,guns, good fishing gear, fine china, antiques, quality clothes or shoes, construction stuff like a new tub once, boat motors, copper wire, new car parts and militaria.

Finds I have only heard about- Dive gear and quality cameras.

Bottom line you can find anything in there but in my experience 95% of what you find will have little or no value rare is the locker you can sell everything from. I take all the cheap stuff to goodwill or the dump. If you have a storefront or do a lot of garage sales then it should be run through there first but $1 items are not worth messing with.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: The small stuff?
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:58:45 PM »
99.9% of the cheap stuff clothes and household goods, goes to goodwill or the scrap yard. If I did garage sales I would keep it for that. 

I think I once found a few items in a safe it was sports memorabilia not real great maybe $50 worth of stuff tops. Normally I find paperwork of no value.  Never found any gold or cash did find a worthless airsoft pistol and some porn in safes. 

Matresses are a big turn off for me as well as sofas.  They are almost always headed to the dump.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Let's Play: "What Would You Pay?"
« on: February 13, 2014, 04:43:31 PM »
I would bid $600 to $700 myself but expect to only have a 50% chance o making money on it. 

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Hardest things to find in storage units
« on: February 07, 2014, 11:48:29 AM »
A gun worth more then $100. So far I have found a few really cheap ones nothing great.  Got one locker belonged to a guy who used to own a gun store. It had lot of ammo and holsters in it but no guns.  Great locker.

Gold jewelry.  I find a stray piece now and then still looking for a box full in locker.  Best I have doen is 4 or 5 small pieces.

Sterling - Rarely find would like to find a pile at least one.  70 ounces is my record in one locker but the norm is measured in grams and a few pieces of flatware is an uncommon event.

My son who does scrap says a 4 foot diameter bronze ships propeller is his dream.

Cash-Normally find a few dollars best is over $4K in one locker but that will probably never happen again.

These are my dream finds they are rare seems like one locker in 50 maybe one in 100.

In 2012 I got a locker that had been in storage since 1982. It had not been opened since 1982 and it was pretty good. Some high end fishing rods some nice furniture lots of high end smalls.

That said I got several in the last year that had been in storage over 20 years and they were mostly trash. Pressboard furniture books no one wants anymore magazines from the 80s and 90s just junk.

Yes a lot of people store things of little real value and just let it sit for years because they can not stand to get rid of it.

Clothes lots of clothes

Worn out pressboard furniture

Kitchen stuff pots and pans dishes mostly old worn out junk lately I have found a lot of dirty dishes unwashed and packed up.

Video tapes and VCRs

Kids toys

These are the things I mostly find and most have no or little value they either go tot he dump or goodwill.

Picker's Paradise / Re: Garage/Yard Sale Leftovers
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:21:09 PM »
I like going late and seeing if things have been moved to the free box. Several times I have found a yard full of stuff with a free sign on it.  Great way to get scrap. Once got a truck load of books, took right to halfprice books and got $34 for about 30 minutes of work late on a Sunday. Usually the stuff left at the end of a sale is not worth much but Free is always good never pass metal object up if they are free.

Picker's Paradise / Re: Might buy hoarder house contents
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:17:34 PM »
Well were there any really big scores like Gold and Silver?  That would be a great find from the sound of it you must have 10,000 items to sell now.

I have a lot of autographed CDs but coolest thing a letter from the gov of Michigan William Milliken addressed tot he person whose stuff was in the locker.

I have found a lot, one locker I found a box of memorabilia including a cruise book for a hospital ship served in Nam, a hand painted banner of a fighter.  Got $450 for that one box.  Get a lot of uniforms. Oddest item was a hat from the Ukrainian army, not that old but neat.  Neatest item I have found is a certificate for crossing the Arctic circle dated 1967 on the USS Zellars.  I still have that.  Check out the Zellars here. It mentions the trip over the Arctic Circle.

Still afloat and owned by Iran right now.

I also found some stuff for the Yangtze River patrol org in a locker no period stuff but some more modern things indicating someone had been a member.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: The item that saved your a$$
« on: September 18, 2013, 12:23:35 PM »
A $300 locker a big one mostly girls toys of no value  but in one box a broken off14K bracelet right on top. Had to have happened when packing.  Got about half my money back from that.  One piece of gold can make or break a locker but my experience is a crappy locker will not have anything good in it. A good locker has a lot of good things not just one.

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