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New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Clothes with Security tags
« on: January 07, 2013, 08:33:17 AM »
I would not touch any thing with security tags still on it.

I got arrested 20 years ago when i sold property from a unit that was unknown to me to be stolen property.

If you do get the tags off GET rid of them where they will never be found. they have the store and  store number coded on them.
Just having a number of those security tags and no reason to have them will be cause for the cops to arrest you..

Likely the person that had the unit got arrested and is in jail and was unable to pay his/her rent on the unit.

I have been out of the storage auction business for about 20 years. I got arrested selling stuff from a locker i bought that had been stored there by ether a big time thief or a fence.
lucky i got cleared of the charges but had to go back to a regular job to pay the lawyers and the money i lost paying bail.
In those days i had a consignment store and a pawn shop that would buy many of the good items i found. but the arrest put a stop to those till i was cleared but broke.

I am thinking of going back to buying again now that i am retired.
i have a few tricks of my own.

Yes the good old days had a few a**h**es and a lot of crooked storage business owners that striped the units before the auctions.

in the last 20 years i worked construction and mining and moved a lot .

i live in a 30 foot motor home so i don't have much room and store my extras in storage places.
In the last 20 years i have never cleaned out any of the units i had i just took everything i wanted and left the trash and junk in nice clean boxes with nice high priced marking on the boxes.
Saved me from having to try to find a way to haul the trash off after i had filled up my truck with my stuff and had no room.

Wonder if anyone here bought my trash and junk. :P :P :P :P :P :P

I always wondered how many people paid way to much for my bait units

I never had any problem cleaning out the units i bought because i always had a few friends that did not work regular jobs that liked to help me cheap or some times i payed them in stuff i found in the units that i did not want.

I know a few full time swapmeeters that can sell items for me when i don't have the time. most are retired and just love swap meets.
Plus now you have the internet and Craigslist that i did not have 20 years ago. 


New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Won bid then denial purchance
« on: January 07, 2013, 06:26:16 AM »
I think I know what happened. If you read the California law, the storage facility can only recoup the rent owed, plus expenses (newspaper filings, certified postage) in addition to the auctioneers expenses (This is why some places charge a 10% broker fee). The storage facilities DO NOT MAKE A PROFIT! They simply get rid of the locker and get a new paying customer. Any extra profit (if there is any) goes back to the delinquent locker owner! This person has up to a year to claim any extra money, otherwise it goes to the county.

Say I am 3 months late and owe $750 in rent. Say the storage facility pays $50 for newspaper filings and postage to tell me my unit is going to auction. Say I don't answer and the unit gets auctioned. Say The auction charges $100 to facilitate the auction, in addition to taking 25%. The unit sells for $2,000! The auctioneer gets $600 (25%=$500 plus the $100 fee), the facility gets $800 ($750 rent + $50 expenses). There is still $600 available! I can claim that money from the auction of my locker for up to one year! The facility legally has to pay me that money or I can take them to court! If I don't claim that money, the facility has to turn the money over to the county or the state (forget which one). It's easier to let the fees accumulate for a couple of months so the storage facility doesn't have to give me the profit or turn it over. They can write the loss off and be done with it.

Does this mean if i rent and seed a locker with a few almost hidden high value looking items and a bunch of boxes of trash and some fool buys it for $2000+ i can make money.

now i know where to get rid of a couple old safes i have plus the old 1974 Mercedes setting junk in my yard.
i can cover the car with a camo parachute and leave just the tires with the Mercedes hub caps showing. :) :) :) :) :) :P >:( 

I had one town i was buying a lot of units in and i rented a unit just to store the junk in and another next to it to store the trash.

After 6 months and after i sold off everything i could i quit paying the rent on the two units.

They both went up at auction and the one with the broken and unsaleable stuff went for $330.

The trash went for $30.

One self storage place i had worked for i filled 4 units with trash from units around town but they were crooks and when i worked for them they would clean out units after the renters had left and take all the trash and have my put it in boxes.

They would then claim that it was abandoned units and would sell the stuff at the auction.

The owners would also cut the locks and go through units the day before they sold them at auction and remove all they wanted.

Oh and mattresses? i would never store mattresses at a self storage place as many are now infested with bed bugs.

Even clothing stored in storage units should be packed in contractors bags and sealed with mothballs or you are taking a chance the bed bugs may get into them and spread to your home later.

If you are buying units don't take any clothing home unless its washed and dried at high setting at a Laundromat or bagged and treated for two weeks with mothballs.

The rocket launcher tube is not a restricted idem only the rockets.

And there are 37mm gas grenade launchers that look just like the 40mm grenade lanchers.

I turned in a rusted 20mm aircraft gun to a gun by back in LA Calif and got $200 one time.

I am a gun smith and the 20mm was scrap metal and never could have been made to fire. i still can not believe they gave me the $200 for it.

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