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JHold, will you post a link to the YouTube video your referring to. I want to see this.

Yes, sure:

If you act like an ass, don't get insulted if people ride you.

Right, that is how I feel. I feel he was totally out of line for making 7 minute video about someone who said college was a good investment. She got in his you-know-what really good by telling him this:

"You have not been to college, therefore you know nothing about it. Yet you continue to tell others they should not go simply because you did not go. It is not good to tell people not to do something just because you yourself did not succeed at it."
When he told her she must be wealthy with some kind of inheritance if she thinks college is a good investment to waste time and money on and go into debt for. She let him know this:

"I have money because I am an entrepreneur who has been a hustler my whole life. I come form a middle class family without an inheritance. I went to college to develop my love of the performing arts. I got another degree in business to place in my toolbox of other hustling tools because that's what a real hustler does. A real hustler gets ALL the tools. They don't discard tools because they think they "don't work." You dont know when you will need a hammer but you keep one in your toolbox anyway."

That's when he got mad since he is always talking about how great of a hustler he is and how you need to get as much knowledge as possible to be successful, but yet he is telling people that unless you are becoming a doctor college knowledge/information is a waste. When he told her to prove she was this successful, she told him:

"I don't need to make a video to prove anything, nor do I need to make a video to make money. That's your expertise. I use my business to make money."

He probed her some more for proof and she told him:

"Like I said, you stick to making YouTube videos for a living, and I will stick to running a real business for a living."

That's when he blocked her and tried to delete her comments, but they are still up there. But she told him good. He couldn't handle that. But here is the real funny part. A random commenter posted this when Glendon said her comments were out of wack with real life:

" "her viewpoints are highly out of wack with real life"
I remember this Chipperme person from a few weeks ago on your video titled "Garage Sale Arbitrage Is It Ethical? Yes or No?"
You got mad when people spammed his comments and said not to because "He is telling the truth!" But now you are calling this person "a little b*itch" and making a video about them? It sounds like you only like people when they agree with you and hate them when they disagree with you. That's not a good look."

Glendon marked that as spam, but it's still up there.  :D

I find it amusing that someone comes on this forum singing your praises and when I jokingly call this person out as being you in disguise, you magically appear in the next few posts. You are from Birmingham and you did use the screen name Alabama Dude.
Way to go Mr. Incognito.

Lol. Now I see why he was accusing the commenter of creating fake accounts to "troll" his channel. He was just projecting onto her his very own behavior.

I believe that someone brought up the question as to whether this is the real Glendon Cameron or whether it is someone impersonation him. It is my opinion that based upon the poor grammar, spelling, punctuation and certifiable rants that this is the real deal.


I find it hilarious that you're always wearing college shirts and hats.

I noticed that too. Lol! Meanwhile, he hates college and anything that has to do with college. Yet, he is a 45 year old man wearing college T-shirts and hats with graffiti fonts on his channel advertising a "University" while telling everyone to stay out of a University. He wants to be a college student so bad it's pathetic. Bless his heart. 

As to your insults toward me: (stupid as my avatar, big dummy, little scared******, & dumb ass)
It sounds like you have an inferiority complex - and it's fully justified.

Agreed. And the vocabulary of a 14 year old.

Thinkth huh?

 :D  :D  :D

Omg I just checked out that website and LMAO. What about his section on "Courting and Romance -- A Brotha's View"?

Please, make it stop. After calling this woman the b-word numerous times in his video and saying it was "freedom of speech" when she told him she did not appreciate such name calling, is it any wonder this man is divorced without any prospects of getting another relationship?

Boy has this been an interesting day. Thanks for the laughs guys!

We do!

Lol, that sure is good to know. My goodness. I just finished reading this entire thread and I am just shaking my head. His comments/responses on here were very hard to read and disturbing.

He's pretty much a laughing stock in the industry. He preys upon newbies for cash. I was actually thinking of writing an e-book on the subject.

I think you should write that book. And I will happily buy it. Please save the innocent.


This dude is crazy. He is on his YouTube channel right now flipping OUT! He created a video about one of his commenters and called her all kinds of names in his video. When she responded, he completely went crazy. Some huge argument about whether or not college is worth it. We all know it is, but this guy is hell bent on it being a wast of time and will go postal if you say otherwise. He's even going ham on legit subscribers of his channel who are telling him to knock it off. I have watched a few of his videos in the past and even left a comment on this video he is going crazy on and told him it wasn't that serious. He argued back, then left a comment on one of my YouTube videos telling me how great my videos are. WTF! I then did a google search on him and found this forum, along with a MUGSHOT!

The name of his video is "Why People Go To College? | Not To Earn Money? For the sake of Learning ? |Social Experiment 001"

Stay away from this dude.

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