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Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Hello everyone
« on: August 30, 2011, 06:01:11 PM »
lol, nice

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Hello everyone
« on: August 30, 2011, 07:10:50 AM »
Here it is with the top open....good looking chest !

Thanks! I just need to sell it before the wife decides we need to keep it. :)

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: bought another locker today...
« on: August 30, 2011, 07:02:08 AM »
What was in that lil.brown box?

I forgot to mention the little brown box. :)
There was some pretty cool "artifact" thingy in there that I have no idea what it is. It is pretty neat looking though.  Also, if you notice the white box on the futon frame in some of the pics with newspaper and bubble wrap showing out of the top. There was a neat hand carved wood sculpture about 18" tall.
I will take pics of both later today.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: bought another locker today...
« on: August 30, 2011, 06:56:35 AM »
My thought process before bidding was: I will bid as high as $200. There are some quality items there, but there is also 2 trips to the dump in their (cost is $6.00/load here, so not bad) and several hours of digging/cleaning. With my $200 bid though I probably wont win it because people see a fishing pole and/or guitar case, they start bidding stupid.

What actually happened is mind boggling: With 15 or so bidders mumbling about having to haul off the organ... I got the unit for $45.00.

The guy who bought the 5' x 5' with the bags to the ceiling and paid $245.00 was directly across from him, so our trucks were sided by side. an hour into it, he complains to me that these lockers are **** and probably staged units. I asked him what he thought was "staged about a bunch of black garbage bags" and that he should probably bid better on better units. I could not be any happier with my $45.00 purchase.

The "Other" Job / Own a Graphic design Printing company
« on: August 29, 2011, 10:19:14 PM »
My "real" job is my Graphic Design, printing, sign company. Which is how I came about to get back in the storage auction game. One of my clients is a Storage facility. I have become pretty friendly with the prop. mgr and she informed told me they were having an auction and that i should check it out. well, I did and was once again bit by the bug. :)

My "dream" score is to find a nice storage locker with a 60+" large format printer that nobody in the crowd is familiar with and getting a hell of deal. I like pretty much any business locker, but specifically printing and signage ones. I know for a fact there have been several such lockers in this area recently.

General Storage Auction Talk / bought another locker today...
« on: August 29, 2011, 10:01:44 PM »
Had an interesting day today and ended up buying another locker. 3rd auction I went to today had 3 units for sale. The one I bought (pics below) and 2 5x5 units. From the immediate view of the locker, some of the items that could be seen were: organ, bunch of golf balls (just knew clubs were buried in this unit somewhere), 2 fishing poles, bunch of sports trophies, white metal futon frame, mountain bike, guitar case, dvd's, pair of drywall stilts and a bunch of trash/clothes. As you can see from the pics, I ended up finding the clubs, some paintball gear (no guns) about 50+ DVD's and ps2 games, some random sports cards, headlights to unidentified car, remote control boat, bunch of computer parts and the drywall stilts. The organ ended up being a Yamaha electone FS-200. It has some marks on the wood, but once I rolled up the panel where the keys and buttons are, it genuinely looks like it has never been played.

Now, my question to you is what would YOU have paid for this locker and what do you think it went for? Keep in mind that one 5'x5 stacked to the ceiling in black bags and cloths went for $245.00 and the other 5x5 with 2 cheap plastic framed art prints, nasty end table a one tote went for $85.00.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Jackpot ! Jackpot in the Safe ?
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:58:38 PM »
That's a pretty cool watch. I think I would have to keep that if i found it.

The Lounge / Re: I buy foreign currency new or old
« on: August 28, 2011, 10:38:45 PM »
I just found a purse with $315 Honduran lempira if you're interested. I know that it's worth 1297 Japanese Yen or 19500 Iraqi dinar.   :D

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Getting attached to items
« on: August 28, 2011, 10:23:01 PM »
I tend to look at things this way: If there is an item i know I would have bought anyway (or have been looking to buy), then I keep it and see it as X amount of dollars I saved. If it is something that is just "cool" or "fun" that I may not have bought otherwise, I would probably sell it it 9 out of 10 times. The tenth time is just a little gift to myself or a family member. :)

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Hello everyone
« on: August 28, 2011, 09:54:30 PM »
Thanks for the welcomes! :)

and Drew, I signed up for your list and just received it, thanks. My goal is not to use it as my only source, but as a supplement to what I already use. I have already seen a few good ones that I may have other wise missed.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Hello everyone
« on: August 28, 2011, 08:15:53 PM »
This will be my first of hopefully many post here. I am sort of a noob... I did a few auctions back when i was in college in the 90's. But have recently started getting back into them. It is a much different world now then it was then.
Initially I was using Auction Zip, but found that way too many people are showing up usually between 50-100. Which makes for high bids and long lines in Florida heat. I did end up buying 1 unit for $175 2 weeks ago w/ some misc furniture that I sold relatively quickly on cl for $415. Not a bad deal for first time back in the game.
My better units came this last Wednesday when I found an auction through the public notices. 5 lkrs and only 6 bidders. None of the bids went over $100. I got for $50 and one for $60. I probably could have won all 5, but a) I did not want to be "that guy" and b.) I knew I would not be able to clean everything out in 24hrs.
In the $60.00 unit, I ended up with a like new Lane cedar chest with tag still on it as well as  bunch of dvds, xbox 360 games and a brand new video game chair.
In the $50.00 unit, I really cleaned up. I got some furniture that I have already sold for $150, A Nintendo Wii still in the box, an Xbox, bunch of dvds, race track, bunch of clothes, some small jewelery items, 2 tvs, misc household goods, etc.
Most unusual find in these units was a box full of bibles (plural) and a bunch of porn dvds... seems like an odd pairing for one box.  :D

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