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Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / Hello from California
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:46:01 AM »
Hello everyone! What a wonderful forum....I have been lurking and reading for a few days!!

Hubby and I did storage auctions many years ago and sold mostly at the swaps and consignment stores. We are ready to get back into it but I have realized that things have really changed..and not all postitive

I have gone to a few auctions close to home (40 miles) to re-train my eye and get a feel for things again. I was very disappointed in how they were run. The storage place is owned by a huge company with many facilities up and down the central valley and this particular one was in a great area of town but....the units were opened by the auction company, everything was pulled out looked over and sorted - valuable items were seperated then everything was auctioned seperately! Prices were outrageous. Folks were paying almost retail!

I have another on Feb 4th that should be sold by the unit but I may end up going back to the Los Angeles area to the moving company auctions!

Anywhoo.....I enjoy the site and the internet will be a useful tool as we re-start our new venture!

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