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eBay / Re: Irrational eBay Buyers
« on: February 08, 2015, 09:53:02 AM »
I haven't had that happen but I always stress if I can't get something shipped the next day. I agree with you that if something is sold on Friday then the next shipping day is Monday so you are right and he is wrong. I live in a rural area and our local post office isn't even open on Saturdays. The nearest post office that is open on Saturdays is a 12 mile drive for me. Unfortunately he can still leave nasty feedback even if you are right but hopefully he won't Whenever I get a cranky buyer I check his feedback left for others. You might take a look just to see how he treats other sellers. Still nothing you can do but it might make you feel better to see.

Bought very few in 2014. Actually bought 2 in early December online. They were cheap but they sucked! Never doing online again...

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Pods Horror Story
« on: December 20, 2014, 10:46:27 AM »
I agree that $100 is definitely not enough and the facility should be bending over backwards to get the stuff picked up. They made a mistake and are facing a huge lawsuit so it is in their best interests to make it right. You should absolutely not have to do any more work and should be generously compensated for the work you already did. Plus I would imagine you paid them in cash at the time of the says so why should you have to wait for a check to be mailed? Crazy!

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Confessions of a Newbie
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:00:51 PM »
I have just recently bought my first locker for 800$. It had a piano, drum set, speakers, furniture in it and a bunch of empty boxes which I thought were full of treasure. I am still trying to recoup my money invested in this locker. I got 100$ for the speakers and 150$ for the furniture. I never knew it was so hard to sell a piano and drum set. This is very discouraging to me because it was my first locker I had ever won and now I'm in the minus for 600$. :41:  Does anyone know of any websites that I can sell items on for free when I win an auction? I'm struggling help!!

Pianos are definitely a hard sell. Haven't ever managed to sell one. Gave one away and have done my best to avoid them ever since.  If the drum set is in decent condition you should be able to sell it on craigslist.

If I find a box or boxes that are obviously personal stuff while at the facility I will quickly look through it so see if anything of interest is included and then give the stuff to the facility to return. If I find stuff after returning home I will return it if/when I am in the area of the facility but will not make a special trip (unless it's really close). Also my desire to return stuff is very dependent on how it was packed. If the owners treated it like trash, so will I. Pretty much if the owners just randomly tossed photos in a box mixed up with junk mail, old vhs tapes and arrest records it goes to the dump.

I agree with all of your complaints about Amazon. Fees too high. Can't create a new listing. I imagine we don't see the complaints because fewer people on this forum are selling on Amazon. I have gotten a few storage units with massive quantities of vintage books. I will list them on Amazon if they will sell for more then $10 (I always list my books for less than the lowest already listed so if there are already copies listed for under $10 I don't bother). It's easy to list them and you don't have to take photos. Much quicker than EBAY and they stay listed indefinitely.  I used to draw the line at $7 but after fees I was only taking home $4-$5 and I just don't think it's worth my time to list, store, pack and ship something for that. I can't imagine how sellers make any money for all the books you see listed for $.01! Another thing I hate about Amazon is there is no such thing as "no returns". A buyer can return a book for any reason within 30 days so if they just want to read it they can return it and get their money back. That sucks but luckily doesn't happen often.

The Lounge / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
« on: November 27, 2014, 10:24:36 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving to you also. I'm cooking (ugh) but went to Costco to buy my turkey and noticed they have pretty much everything you could need pre-made, just heat it up. I have to admit I was really tempted! I have only eaten "out" on Thanksgiving once in my life, it was on a cruise and it was awesome!

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Where do you sell?
« on: November 27, 2014, 10:20:30 AM »
The vast majority of my money comes from Ebay, followed by Craigslist, Auction Houses, Contacts gained over the years, the occasional yard sale (2-4 per year, usually bring in $1500-$4000 per yard sale) and rarely the local flea market. Oh, and Amazon also but that doesn't amount to more than a few hundred bucks a year. Ebay is intimidating at first but once you get used to creating listings and learn how to pack and ship, it it's an awesome market for unique items.

The Lounge / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: November 27, 2014, 10:08:20 AM »
Yep, huge fan of Walking Dead. One of my favorite shows for sure. Have tried to get several family members to watch it and they all say "I don't like zombie shows" or "too much blood and gore". I have tried to explain that the interesting part is the living and how they survive, not the zombies. Also as far as the gross stuff goes, you get used to it, especially if you watch the after show and see how they film scenes and create the zombies. I'm also a fan of Face Off which is a reality show about special effects make-up so I can appreciate what it takes to make the gross stuff. Yep, Walking Dead is definitely one of my top five favorites of all time, along with Dexter, Lost, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad!

Storage Facilities / Re: What's more important?
« on: November 20, 2014, 09:23:46 AM »
I get the impression that they mostly want the units empty so they can rent them out again and start making some money.

I don't think so. If I was doing this solely to make a living I would not do it. I have made good money doing it and it can be an adventure but I wouldn't want to make a living doing this. It is HARD WORK! If I kept track of the hours spent standing around at auctions, cleaning out units, dump runs, research, listing on EBAY, packing and shipping....probably less than minimum wage!

eBay / Re: eBay automatically opens unpaid item case after 3 days
« on: November 04, 2014, 08:27:14 AM »
another thought...My EBAY looks completely different as of a few days ago and I don't know if it's because I clicked on something or what but my husbands account has not changed. Maybe the unpaid case assistant thing is part of the change. I just checked mine and the unpaid case assistant still says "no".

I am curious if anyone else's EBAY changed. I wish it would change back.

eBay / Re: eBay automatically opens unpaid item case after 3 days
« on: November 04, 2014, 08:19:27 AM »
There is an option you can check to have them automatically open a case for you called Unpaid Item Assistant. Maybe you clicked on it by mistake. It does seem handy but 3 days seems a bit fast. I imagine if your buyer contacted you to say they need more time you could probably close it. I would be worried that it could result in some grumpy feedback.  I inserted instructions on how to set it up below so I am sure you could cancel it using the same instructions if you want to.

Setting up Unpaid Item Assistant:
Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences.
Click Show to the right of Unpaid Item Assistant, and then click Edit .
Select Yes I want Unpaid Item Assistant to open and close cases on my behalf.
In the drop-down menu, select the number of days you want Unpaid Item Assistant to wait before opening a case. If you don't see the lower settings (for example, 2 days), update your combined payments preference.
Select the Real-time option if you want to receive an email when the Unpaid Item Assistant opens or closes a case.
Under Automatically relist the item when the case is closed with no payment, select Yes or No.
Click Save.

Almost never. Found one lockbox with a bunch of personal papers and $80 in the back of a checkbook. Other than that mostly empty or just old personal papers. I can't remember any of my buyer friends ever finding anything worth mentioning in a safe either. It seems like the good stuff is always just in some random box or drawer.

As far as looked profitable but wasn't, paid $100 for a 10x10 with lots of furniture and tons of plastic storage boxes. Didn't see anything specific of value but how can you not make money if there is a ton of stuff, very neatly packed in boxes that someone paid for and you only pay $100? Well, all the furniture was total crap and the boxes were all full of crappy stained clothes and broken stuff. Found $20 in the pocket of a pair of jeans, and a new in box pair of "Raiders" shoes that we sold for $80.00. Yep, that was about it. Managed to sell a small portion of the clothing at a garage sale but most was total trash. If you figure in the dump load it wasn't even a break even locker.

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