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General Storage Auction Talk / PODS vs UHAUL vs Other Facilities
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:13:38 AM »
I didn't post this in the noobie area because it's going to be more of an opinion poll than a set question and straight answer. I know everyone has an opinion about this subject so i like to start a topic discussion on your personal experience with PODS, U-HAUL and regular facilities. Is the quality of PODS better than most because they are more expensive or have you found that major u-haul storage locations have better prices versus equal quality? Also when it comes to major chain facilities have you found that the quality tends to be trashier because of the high turn over? Chime in.

Hey folks,

New to storage auctions but been picking and selling from yard and storefront for 10yrs. Currently live in Daytona Beach. Have had thrifts in Tulsa OK, New Orleans LA, Gatlinburg TN and Ft. Lauderdale FL and have lived many other places from Lancaster CA to Watertown NY. Have done well considering i'm  permanently nomadic. Will not ever get my passport until i have seen every part of good old U.S.A. And i thank God that this forum is around to help everyone. Mostly because I won't ever have to rely on donations to my thrift again:) Now Donatiuons will be my gravy;)

New to Storage Auctions? / Question about legal notices in newspaper
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:42:25 AM »
I just wanted to know. When there is only one persons name listed om the notice and a start and finish time say like 8am-3pm. Does this mean it's a piece by piece silent bid or what? ???

Stories about Storage Auctions / Update on auction caravan #1
« on: July 25, 2012, 11:04:23 AM »
Well I have no comparison when it comes to declining quality in the units but I saw more garbage, particle board furniture and mattresses than i have seen at the dump and i used to be a bulk trash driver for waste management.

The day started at 9am first facility only had one locker a 10x15 with 10 mattresses, a wooden king sleigh bed, 2 sets of metal frame bunk beds and about 35 neatly stacked 2'x2' grocery store boxes. Went for $750 I didn't even offer a bid.

The next two facilities cancelled. The day before each had 12 lockers up for auction, but by that morning all had called or come in to pay. (bummer) That's 24 lockers less than I thought I would see...

The fourth facility had ten lockers for auction. The first three were all the same owner. All 5x10's. First had a mattress jammed in sideways so no-one could see anything but a piss stained mattress. Went for $350? Second had a big china hutch with no drawers and some other things wrapped in synthetic blend blankets. Went for $180. And the third had a lot of stacked professional movers boxes with guess what, the drawers to the hutch from last locker. ;) I knew just what to do. He of course bid very low started at $50. I shot a $150 out and then he definitely knew i was there. We shared one understanding nod, he followed with a $160 and i waived off. I'm new at storage auctions but I'm not a sucker.
The next four 10x10 lockers all were full of garbage and garbage. All no sells. Then they opened a 5x5 that had just a little pile in the corner with a shoe box sticking out it look really rough. Also there was an off brand Ipod dock w/clock and fm radio in plain site. Everyone but me passed on this locker as the auctioneer was about to say no sell I offered him 5$ he immediately sold it to me. Again everyone who stuck around was giggling until i opened the shoe box. There sat a factory new pair of Air Jordan XI's. they were the black patent leather over white with a translucent red sole type. Last I checked these suckers were worth money. Also in the pile was a new in the box digital camera (off brand), two new in the box Emerson electric shavers and two new in package Diamond Style brand 4" masonry cutting wheels. I missed the next two sweeping out my little score.

I will keep going on the story later I have a C-list delivery to make across town Jordan's going bye-bye..


New to Storage Auctions? / Bought my First locker the other day
« on: June 29, 2012, 05:36:07 PM »
Well I have my first question as a noobie at this. I bought a locker the other day that only had a Retro 80's round bamboo dining set that the chairs were in rough shape and one chair missing no glass for the top, but the central piece that held the glass was in like new shape. And there was one used car tire and a rear projection TV. When they opened the locker most everyone when they saw what was in it they just walked away toward the next lkr up for auction. The auctioneer asked if someone would give him 10 bucks for the lkr, no-one answered so i said i'd give her 5 and then she said sold. And ppl were actually laughing at me. Well you know what. The Huge 55inch JVC Rear projection theatre size TV that everyone thought was junk or below them was sold on CL not 5 hrs after i left the auction for $35 bucks and those chairs that were so rough well the whole frame of the chairs added up to 30lbs of aluminum worth 0.60 per pds oh yea the tire fit someone car cause i sold it to a used tire shop for $5 bucks. And I sold the table center piece for 10 buck a thrift store because they had more chairs than tables. All in all i spents a total of about 2 hrs of actual work selling this and i paid $5. So let's tally $35+$18+$10=$63-$5=$58 You Vets have lost sight of the golden rule. A DOLLAR IS A DOLLAR IS A DOLLAR!! Never pass up a sure thing just because its not a jam packed locker.

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