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New to Storage Auctions? / Confessions of a Newbie
« on: November 25, 2013, 08:38:55 PM »
I have been at this for a couple of months and if I had one bit of advice it would this.
It's not about buying but about selling.
I love buying things and that is my biggest weakness as a storage auction buyer.

My little two cents to brand new buyers.
Sell everything that you can.  Look in your house, garage, and office for items that you can sell on Craigslist and sell it.
You will need to learn the ins and outs of selling on Craigslist.  There are some good guides out there and on this very forum.  I recommend

Then find all the small items and sell them at a garage sale.  Again there are some great guides out there on how to do this. 
Then use that money to finance your first auction.  When you see a locker you want think about how to sell those items not just their value.  On Storage Wars it seems so easy to go get things appraised.  It is not that easy.
Anyway good luck selling and buying :)

Stores / Woman's touch
« on: November 22, 2013, 10:28:17 AM »
Do you guys find that it is useful to have a woman's touch when it comes to setting up a store display or garage sale display?

My wife is too busy these days to help so I see my displays getting less attractive.  I have enlisted some female friends to help.  It could just be me.

Online Storage Auctions / adventures in Online Storage Auction
« on: November 20, 2013, 02:49:05 PM »
Ok so I won my second online storage auction

I will going up to pay the lady this afternoon and will take some better pics of what is in the unit.  Wanted to post this as a reference.

Feel free to guess what things are and I will award the players with answers!!!!

On another note I was the highest bidder on a very interesting unit but it was canceled earlier today.

Stores / 500 Sq feet of dreams
« on: November 17, 2013, 05:27:02 PM »
I finally did it.  I was able to negotiate a great price at a resale store 15 miles from my house.  It is one of many antique and resales shops on a strip right off the highway.
500 sq feet!!!!
The owner of the resale shop is a storage auction buyer I have gotten to know and is a stand up woman.  She is fair and friendly.  She has been doing well for four years.  We rarely butt heads so it works out well.
Homegrownpromos has been great answering questions and offering advice.  At first I thought it would be a good place to unload smalls and clothes but after watching the customers come through the store and some good advice I changed directions. 
We are going to offer good furniture and household goods.  I already was able to sell a couch, dryer, and some smalls via consignment and it seems to be what people come to the store for. The owner is great with online marketing and I will add to that as well.
I have carved out a small workspace to sell Macbooks and small electronic accessories I have picked up via ebay and  HDMI cables, power cables, usb, etc.  It is good to have a space that works for me.  I will only be there for appointments for computers and some on the weekend to help work the floor.  There are a couple of big venders there and everyone helps each other since we all have unique inventories.  There is a great couple that speaks Spanish and English so that is a big plus in Texas. 
I have a 10x20 storage full that will be my initial inventory.
I also have friends that make unique handmade crafts and I will charge them 25% to have a small space to sell their goods.  We are going to social market those items as well.
I am really excited and this is a great way to start my jump into the resell market.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Guess what I paid
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:55:03 PM »
Here is a youtube video I took with my phone.  I did not move anything.

I have a history of overpaying.  My limit for this one was $450.  I am a chef so I know that Viking is a great brand.  Curious what you guys think

Craigslist / Craigslist Scams
« on: November 05, 2013, 08:22:02 AM »
I have been selling a lot more on Craigslist lately or at least been listing a lot more on CL.  I have run into a couple of scams and one scary situation.

My question is what scams are out there?  I know not to accept any PayPal payments to ship of course but what about Trojan ads.  Are they just phishing for email addresses and phone numbers?  You see a lot of ads of to good to be true and I have yet to get answers from them.  Thanks again

General Storage Auction Talk / Buying locker from locker renter
« on: October 21, 2013, 06:52:52 AM »
I make it a point to get to know a lot of the storage facility managers and maintenance guys. I was called by one of the maintenance guys and put in touch with an locker renter with money problems.  '

She gave me a sob story about having no money and needing to move to Iowa.  The locker had some nice furniture, tons of household boxes, and an ugly couch.  Its a 10x20.  She wanted $500.  I told her to get all the stuff she wanted out by tomorrow and I will make her an offer after I get the ok to take ownership of the lease via the storage manager.  She says she has till the end of the month and I can verify with manager Monday.

The furniture consist of 2 dovetail dresser drawers that were in good condition, 2 matching night stands, and chest with a mirror.  I am learning but have little experience with antiques.  The furniture is solid and looks to be in great condition.  All the drawers move well and like I said a couple of the pieces have dovetail joints.

I am going to offer her $200.  Just curious if any of you have gone through similar situations.

I have started to buy and sell MacBooks.  I have learned how to do a complete wipe and clean install of Mountain Lion, Creative Suite 6 which includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more.  Also included are Final Cut Pro, iweb, Virtual DJ Pro, Soundtrack Pro and more. 

I can meet you in the Dallas Fort Worth area and do the install for $60.  It is over $1500 in software.  You can message me via the forum.

General Storage Auction Talk / Steam Cleaning Tools
« on: October 04, 2013, 05:53:12 AM »
Has anyone tried to steam clean tools to help resale value?

Picker's Paradise / Penny auctions
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:55:58 AM »
I recently tried to buy an iMac on Clist and theyseller replied back that she had already sold it.  It was a great price so I was not surprised.  She told me she bought three iMacs from this site and turned them on Clist

Has anyone tried that site or a similar one?

I am still doing storage auctions but have been buying and selling more on Clist and Ebay to supplement my auctions.  Plus I won't buy a $2000 Jeep on Ebay :)

Storage Auctions "In The News" / Breaking bad and Pirate Gold
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:35:13 AM »
Has anyone else daydreamed of getting a locker like the one Walt used in Breaking Bad.  Cause there was a good chance everyone could have died and left no one to pay it.  Though I can't imagine a storage manager not looking under the tarp.  But it did happen once with the pirate gold.

General Storage Auction Talk / Computer recycling for money
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:53:10 PM »
I recently found a CList ad selling computer monitors.  I bought the whole lot of 6 plus a working laptop for $60.

Anyway to make long story short.  He was a computer recycler.  He would go to offices when they upgraded and loaded all the old stuff and took it away to recycle.  He usually tests them all out tries to sell some of the better stuff on CList or Ebay then takes everything to scrap. 

There is a whole industry for this.  He was not very articulate but a really nice guy.  Does anyone have any experience recycling computer stuff.  What I saw online was to take the computer apart, separate the components, and take to a couple of different scrap yards.

Ram and motherboards seem to bring a lot of cash.

Just curious if anyone else does a lot of this.

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