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Reality Shows about Storage Auctions / Re: Auction Hunters is FAKE!!!
« on: October 18, 2011, 04:18:08 PM »
Perhaps he just looks like someone else.

"Where can i buy a really big jar of peanut butter?"

Would you settle for a sandwich? Play the video too.

I like the "God Bless" touch at the end. ::) Throw that guilt trip out there hoping to catch a nibble.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Went to my first storage auction!
« on: October 18, 2011, 01:02:31 AM »
I took $2000 and 3 locks with me.

At one of the auctions I went to last week they cut a lock and raised a door. Everyone went to go take a look but were stopped when the door next to it was cut and raised. Okay a double unit we all thought. Went to take a look and got stopped again, yup the next door the lock was cut and up went the door...a triple door unit. Everyone had 1-2 locks with them and I had 5, but I didn't want the unit after seeing what was in there (lots of big furniture and two large projection TVs.) So the bidding goes round and round and the next thing I knew it sold for $550. The young kid that won was all smiles until I leaned over and said, "So how are you gonna lock it up?" :)

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Business Info Needed
« on: October 18, 2011, 12:51:12 AM »
She said that if you make more than $600 in a year the IRS requires a business license. I guess the storage place reports the auction winners and eBay reports their sales so there is a paper trail of the purchase and sale of each item.

Unless you're issued a 1099 by someone, then there's no paper trail leading to or from the IRS. The storage place only knows what you paid for the unit, not how much you sold the contents for. What you paid is a deduction, not income. I don't know why your "friend" would try and upset you like that. But keep in mind, there is a reward issued by the IRS to anyone that turns someone in for underpaying any taxes. So treat your money business like I do, I trust no one and share all information only with me, myself, and I.

FYI, bragging on here doesn't count. ;)

Other Forms of Selling / Re: Amazon Rant
« on: October 16, 2011, 07:05:03 PM »
I think ebay is a better deal for these low priced books aswell. 

You're better off using since they're geared for book sales. They are also an offshoot of eBay so your eBay account helps you out.

The Treasure Chest / Re: What I thought was brass was
« on: October 16, 2011, 06:54:37 PM »
Any truth to what I've heard that if you melt the gold down and bring it in in block form that's it's worth more?

I guess she knew which newspapers the cash and jewels were rolled up in. :)

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: A trend? Pre-cut locks...
« on: October 16, 2011, 01:21:24 PM »
Of the four auctions I went to this week two had pre-cut locks (auction house #2) and two did not (auction house #1). I said something the auctioneer from AH #2 about the pre-cut lock and how I won't bid on them because the contents cannot be guarantied undisturbed. I also pointed out that the lackluster bidding he was getting could be due to this very reason since others in the crowd were quietly making the same complaint to each other. He told me it was done for convenience to speed up the auctions and that he knows that they cut the locks off the morning of the auction. I didn't really want to get into a pissing contest with him, but he wasn't getting the point. That is, if we as bidders cannot feel comfortable with the unit, we're not going to bid on it.

The units for AH #1 were no different but they went for 2-3 times as much, simply because the locks were cut off in front of the bidders.

Reality Shows about Storage Auctions / Re: Auction Hunters is FAKE!!!
« on: October 16, 2011, 01:10:45 PM »
Most people know better than to store valuables in these units anyway.

That could very well be the case where you live. But I've been around the country enough to know that different area breed different ways of thinking. Then there's the possibility that someone is going through a divorce and is trying to hide some valuables from their spouse. Then all of the sudden bank accounts or credit cards with the automatic payment to the storage facility get closed. Several months go by, the unit goes unpaid and finally its on the auction block. Then there's people whom die off and their family doesn't know the storage unit exists, next thing you know that one is up for auction as well.

The Treasure Chest / Re: got 5 lockers for 62.00 total
« on: October 16, 2011, 01:02:35 PM »
Any day you make money instead of lose it, is a good day.

North East / Re: Took the plunge
« on: October 16, 2011, 12:53:58 PM »
I took the plunge too and did some research on Chanel counterfeits !

I appreciate the heads up and the research time. I'm 100% certain the products are real. The woman that owned the unit was a salesperson and would go into local stores and setup the Chanel counters for them. All of the paperwork was in there to support this, including store layouts, invoices, etc. The shipping boxes in the unit also had packing slips on them and the return addresses were from Chanel itself and not some overseas address or mysterious distributor. There was also a couple of counter display units for the product and some canvas banners with the older Chanel logo on them. I could be completely naive, but I wouldn't think a counterfeiter would have any of these extras in there.

I'm not new to this storage locker auction thing and I've been self-employed for close to 20 years, have done stock market investing/trading, and have been buying and selling on eBay since about 2004. So although there could be some risk, I still like to think I have a good head on my shoulders for this type of thing.

North East / Re: Took the plunge
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:02:28 PM »
Thanks for the encouragements!

I spent $200 on the unit and so far I think I'm looking at a minimum of a $4K profit. I'm basing my selling prices on completed listing sell prices on eBay for the same products that were in my unit. The unit was full of unopened boxes of Chanel Beauty products like clothing, perfumes, creams, cleansers, makeup, etc. I was very selective in the type of unit I was looking to buy. I avoided units with furniture like the plague. So far I'm happy with how things are turning out. Time will tell and I'll try to post an update after I've sold all that I can.

North East / Took the plunge
« on: October 15, 2011, 07:41:11 AM »
I wasn't sure if I really wanted a bunch of ladies products to sell, but hey I went for it.

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