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Stories about Storage Auctions / Furniture ... Hidden in locker
« on: April 01, 2014, 01:58:39 PM »
Got a Good locker online.. surprised me.. When they opened the door, I saw a HUGE couch (great I thought) a mattress, huge old school tv.. I thought Great.. Time for trash duty..   Well moved the mattress aside, 2 NEWish Flat screen tv's still had the protective film on the frame of them.. 39" hisense and 46" Samsung    Sold them to a buddy for double what I paid.. Onto the couch.. I unburried it.. It was a 2 piece sectional, brown leather, in great shape(dusty)  Sold it on craigs list for a good profit.  so now 3 items gone turned 150$ into $600 without really getting sweaty..   The Mattress was new king size with matching set of box springs, still in factor wrapped plastic with tags.  Would have been a couple hundred there at least, except the far end was against the wall and somehow had water damage.  Someone wanted the box springs, so told them hauld away the mattress and they are yours and poof cleared out.

Still has 6 speaker enclosures, A Technic receiver, couple CD players, nice pots and pans,  a baby swing, car seat, some leaded Crystal glasses, Lot of yard sale stuff.  And a bunch of clothes, some name brand jeans that I am donating.

Oh and a nice bakers rack that found a home in my kitchen.   All in all about a 1000$ unit I guess.  I went ahead and rented this one as it is close to me and I buy a lot from this facility.  One before this I spend 60$ on (same place) and tripled that on a play station 3 and some ebay items..

This last on did not have my most common item to find in it.. not a single Acholics Annomyous book.. not a one... (don't laugh I sold a 1st printing of the second edition on ebay for 60+$)

I always go and put a lock on, normally within the hour after the ending bid.  I would assume if that happens though buyer premium fees are refunded to..

It's a very unique business for sure.  So far half the battle has been identifying what I have.

I know no time at all but I've done other things almost like it before.  In the last month I was watching 5 auctions going on at the same facility on an online site. Anyway, they were all ending like 10 minutes apart.. Good I thought.. Well that being said, I bid on them as they were getting close.  The same person kept winning the units over and over on me. The last one was garbage.. you could tell, bags of used coke cans, trash on the floor, matresses, well it was the same bidder. I bid up stupid on 50$ it was more than I wanted, but I put a 200$ bid on it. It sold to them for 210.00 no great loss, well this week I happened to seem a couple of the other units BACK up for auction and the same bidder winning on them.   Anyone thing that just maybe they are just doing this to drive prices up at their facility?  Or is it just me?? 

There is another facility here in town I won't buy from, bough one unit, looked good, everything was broken, dirty, nasty matresses, I found someone to take it all away for free giving them the couple thing that were not trash. I've watched their units even from others in the chain, they talk them up big time, listing stuff as if it was GOLD, you know "Nice flat screen tv" when its a CRT flat screen tube..

Most of the places are really nice to helpful.. Wish there was a rating for facilities doing this junk.  I mean sure people do leave behind trash.. but not like this. 4 different sets of family pictures, an eldery potty chair.  I've came out ahead on all my units so far, only one that was more work than it was worth out of 9 units.

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