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Kind of ironic I just posted the other day about ebay and paypal seller protection and disputes and then have another issue. Wondering if you guys run into this.Lately I've had a lot of people instead of opening up ebay or paypal claims just disputing with their credit card which most ofthe time paypal doesn't even ask for info disputing custoemrs dispute just gives money back.

Recently had a stupid buyer. Where is my package. I tell him your tracking shows delivered, check with others in your household if someone didnt grab it for you let me know and Ill help you file a dispute, you'll get your money back paypal will cover the loss and not me since shipped and show delivered.

About 6 emails and ebay message from him, I'm out my money!!! etc, etc, etc. I keep telling him your not out money, send him the link to open a dispute guy can't figure out how to do that. Finally I tell him just open a dispute directly with paypal. Sure enough the guy does a cc dispute so now instead of paypal covering the $316 loss I get to cover it.

PayPal / Paypal Seller Protection Is Good...But Not Perfect
« on: December 05, 2013, 08:34:58 AM »
Okay, so I'm sure you guys are aware of Paypal seller protection. As long as you ship to the address on the buyers account your covered if the tracking shows delivered but buyer claims they didn't receive the item.

What it doesn't cover however is if the package is lost by the post shows the package was scanned in, shows it going through one or more sorting facilities but just never shows delivered or no updates, Paypal does not cover you.

Now Paypal seller protection is great it has saved me money a few times but more often than not packages just get lost and never show any further tracking, when I call post office nobody knows where packages our. These ones I have to take as a loss.

Doesn't really make sense to me why they cover one but not the other. Basically Paypal says if you shipped and it shows delivered you did your part as a seller, its not your fault so you wont take hte loss. To me its the same thing as long as my package shows any tracking whatsoever it proves I shipped the item yet and did whats required of me but I'm not covered.

I guess Paypal is moer covering us from scamming buyers than lost post office items. I guess its better than nothing but not perfect.

General Storage Auction Talk / Did My First Sale For Bitcoins!!!
« on: December 05, 2013, 08:23:06 AM »
Okay, so typically I don't ship outside of the US. I don't like packages getting held up in customs, I don't like buyers complaining about how long packages take to get to them when it's totally out of my control. Typically if I'm going to ship outside the US, with the exception of Canada, I require people to pay by Cashiers Check and tell them the risk is on them I'm not going to replace a lost package out of my pocket but people want what I sell and can't buy outside of US so all agree.

Anyhow, had someone in south africa want to buy from me. Told them only cashiers check. They message me back 3 more times, I see you accept paypal I wanna pay paypal. She claims you can't buy USD cashiers checks in south africa. Anyhow, not really expecting her to even know what they are I tell her, I've already told you 3 times, I only accept Paypal from US customers, I can take a cashiers check...or I'd be happy to accept Bitcoins as well. Never expected her to have any but sure enough she did and I'm able to ship today. Nice thing is bitcoins hit my wallet this morning so there's not chargebacks and no taking them back.

btw, I'm not trying to screw people but I don't trust foreign post offices or that go between period when its getting shuffled froom USPS to the foreign post office and I don't wana take the risk of lost packages. If customers are willing to take that risk knowing I won't cover lost items thats on them.

Hey guys I guess this should be common sense but it's something I forget about. If you have a sale go through and don't get payment or wind up having to refund for some reason don't forget to request a cancellation of the transaction so you can get your final value fees back. I hadn't been keeping up on this and logged in today to find tens of thousands of dollars worth of product sold which was either never paid for or that I refunded. You can request transaction be cancelled, buyer has 7 days to accept or decline, or if they do neither you can close case after 7 days and get money back. Due to my industry we have a lot of sales that don't go thru or which were forced to refund but everyone probably has a few and your paying money on sales you never made money off of so make sure to get your credits back.

Other Forms of Selling / Anyone sell on the Deep Web?
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:12:14 PM »
Just curious if anyone has ever tried selling on the deepweb as in the one you need a TOR browser to access. Obviously its more meant for black market goods but maybe if someone mainstream hopped on they'd have no competition? I guess that also brings up why need the anonymity to buy a toaster but heck who knows.

Hi, I've commented about terapeak in a few recent posts, I'm super happy with it, it's amazing the type of info you can get from how much stuff under a certain search or keywords sells all across ebay in total dollars, how many items, average price of sales, keywords, etc. You can do research on other sellers and competition, etc.

I been having some fun playing around with this new tool so if anyone is especially interested in a certain category or niche or product feel free to let me know and i'd be happy to do a search for you. Not looking to be everyones personal research assistant forever lol but dont mind doing a few searches to help someoen out and to show you the type of stuff you can find.

PayPal / I HATE PAYPAL!!! Reserves are killing my business!!!
« on: October 25, 2013, 02:01:44 PM »
lol, okay just wanted to vent. As usual going to roll with the punches and make it through this but long story short I get a call yesterday from Paypal Merchant Risk Department. Worried I was going to get shutdown. not that bad but pretty bad. They tell me my business in the past 60 days surpassed my entire year last year and that I'm in a high risk industry so they are going to immediately seize $10,000 from my account and hold 30% of my monthly incomming payments and hold for 90 days. In August I did $220,000 in sales. That's $55,000 they are holding plus the $10,000 they took up front.

We are a small business, we constantly are turning over money and inventory. This potentially could end my buisness, however the one saving grace the paypal people said they dont want to destroy my business they are willing to work wth me but I'm going to have to bring some more cash into the business or raise prices.

It sucks.

eBay / MUST READ!!! Be Careful How You Respond To Ebay Messages
« on: October 11, 2013, 07:56:30 PM »
Hey guys, learned something new about ebay that's actually quite scary and wanted to let you all know. You know how when someone sends you a message it comes in to your email as a notification. you can go directly into ebay and view messages and respond from there but you can also from within those notification emails click reply and reply to the message.

until recently i always assumed that still went through the ebay messaging system but was just a shortcut to do so instead of having to log into ebay. Turns out those messages are not on the ebay messaging system, I assume its a hidden email type deal like craigslist has. Anyhow, I was talking to an ebay rep regarding a case I'm going through and apparently they will not accept those messages sent by clicking respond from within ebay email message, they will not accept that as proof for your case.

Lesson being, if you want to keep a paper trail to back you up on ebay issues as a buyer or a seller you HAVE TO LOGIN TO EBAY!!!

I was shocked by this and almost got screwed out of a lot of money so wanted to let you guys know.

What's it Worth?? / Reusing Junk
« on: October 05, 2013, 09:37:22 AM »
Hey guys, I know some of you on here are somewhat handy and crafty. I just recently have been getting into finding ways to reuse stuff that would otherwise be junk. Occasionally I'll find wierd stuff like closet doors and stuff which are a hit or misson craigslist, I wind up using them as firewood, throwing them out, etc.

On pinterest there's tons of good ideas to reuse things like old doors, old shutters, etc. I recently got a new puppy and already have  a 100 pound bulldog. Dog gates are expensive like $150 for one that covers a big gap. I had some doors I found in a storage unit, painted them and used them as a gate. Another cooll idea with old shutters is paint each one a different color, attach them with hinges and make a kind of foldable gate. Really cool and works well.

Just some ideas for those of you who like taking on projects and reusing stuf which may otherwise be junk

Other Forms of Selling / Simple Ways To Sell On Your Own Website
« on: October 05, 2013, 08:43:37 AM »
Hey guys, the last year or two has really been a learning experience for me in terms of learning ecommerce and continually learning more and upping my game in terms of geting more functional websites and more professional looking websites.

I know alot of you guys don't like paying ebay fees or want your own brand or want more control over your business so maybe setting up your own website is a good option. I think one thing people forget to remember is that it's tough to drive traffic to a website. You can have a great looking site with great products and it can be a well functioning easy to navigate site but if nobody visits it its all for naught.

That said I just wanted to sahre a few tips I have picked up and some things I have tried.

eBay / Hey Guys Ebay Tip... Call Every 30 Days Get Limit Raised
« on: September 27, 2013, 03:42:59 PM »
Hey guys as I'm sure you all knwo ebay has limits on accounts. The more volume you do and the better your feedback and DSR scores are the more you can sell per month not only in terms of dollar amounts but also in terms of number of items.

Even if your not doing a lot of volume now you never know when you come across a supply of something, sales grow and your wishing  you had higher limits. Every month call up and raise your limit. They'll normally give you a 20% increase each month you call and you can call every 30 days. They will rasie number of items you can sell and dollar amount.

Another reason to do this. Sometimes people will reach out to you and want to buy your ebay account. It's techinically not allowed to sell ebay accounts though if its part of a business which anyone can form an llc real quick its allowed. People will pay upwards of 50k for established ebay accounts iwth high limits.

Just something to think about

eBay / DONT GIVE UP ON EBAY GUYS!!! Did Over 230K In Sales On Ebay In August
« on: September 27, 2013, 12:11:05 PM »
Hey guys I know alot of you guys get frustrated with ebay, hate thier policies, hate paying their fees. I used to be this way and I still do hate alot of the annoying things on ebay but its working. Obviously what I take home is no where near as impressive as the overall sales number. Part of that is product cost plus all the fees but still thats good money. Dont give up on ebay, just learn the policies, protect yourself and make ebay work for you. Also try to convert your ebay customers too off ebay customers.

Just curious if anyone has ever been audited after taxes because of storage auction income or excessive amount or value of write offs?

eBay / Do You Have A Niche? To Succeed On Ebay You Need Repeat Customers
« on: September 05, 2013, 10:44:13 AM »
Hey, I know with storage auctions you kinda get a little bit of everything, toys, clothes, electronics, etc. This is great and you can make great money as you generally get your merchandise at very low prices. Problem being it doesn't get you repeat customers. The guy who buys your Thomas The Train Toy Set is probably not going to be interested in  your Coach Purse.

Basically everything in ebay revolves around volume, lower paypal fees, lower shipping fees, this allows you to offer more competitive prices and rise above the competition. Also, the more volume you do, the more people look at your listings the higher you rank in searches and both these things raise your ebay score which inspires buyer confidence and also helps in searches.

The only way to truly rise to the top on ebay is to have repeat buyers. Why are repeat buyers good, because once someone has dealt with you they trust you, you build a relationship, they wont harrass you when the post office runs a few days slow, they wont open cases against you, not only will they not leave you negative feedback but they will go out of their way to leave positive feedback to help you.

An example I give as one of the best product categories is silver. It's got a huge market and its something people want and consistantly will buy. Some people will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each paycheck or each month and will keep comming back to you. Obviously this is a tough market, changing prices, hard to find sources not saying you should get into silver but just an example of a category you will get repat buyers on.

If you do storage auctions yes your going to get random merch, however try to have a niche if its electronics buy auctions with electronics try to get merchandise elsewhere as well to add to your store whether its returned palates from best buy or something else.

Just some advice.

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