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New Bill Aims to Amend Texas Property Code Chapter 59 - Lien Sale Notification

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SB 690 was recently introduced to the Texas Legislature to amend the Texas Property Code, Chapter 59, which deals with storage lien sale notification requirements for storage facilities in our state.

One of the main changes being proposed involves the option for storage facilities to publish legal notices on free websites for the storage industry. Currently, storage facilities in Texas must run their legal notices for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation, which can be quite expensive.

This prospective change may cause some confusion. Once storage facilities realize that they can save hundreds, if not thousands per year on their advertising expenses, they will abandon ship, and begin posting public notices for  storage auctions on their own websites. Public notices in newspapers will be obsolete.

So how does this affect you, the storage auction buyer?

If every storage facility in your area listed public notices in different online source, this would make an already imperfect system all the more confusing. Can you imagine having to visit hundreds of websites to find auction information in your area?

To find out more information on this subject or to find out how Houston Storage Auctions plans to alleviate this problem, visit

I hope you found this article to be informative and have a blessed day.

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How does this protect the storage unit renter. As a buyer I want to know that the person who's belongings I am buying has had every opportunity to keep it. I want it to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They were given every and all chances to keep their belongings. If this bill makes it harder to sell a unit, I am for it. If it makes it easier then I am not.
It's hard enough bustin my ass sorting and moving this stuff. Then trying to sell it for a profit. I sure don't need to feel any guilt for it.
I have a personnel box for pix and papers that I try to get back to the owner. Guilt gone!

As for how it would affect how I find auctions. The ones of us that are good at this can sell pigeon crap to a used car salesman.

I don't see it as a bad thing.  Dedicated buyers can find out where each company reports it's auctions.  noobs and undedicated buyers having trouble accessing this info only makes it easier for the rest of us.

Perhaps it is my inner MBA talking, but I don't feel guilt over this process.  People failing to pay their bills and losing thier stuff doesn't bug me one bit.  Further, I suspect that the odds of a deadbeat actually reading a public notice and going in to pay his bill is unbelievably slim.  I suspect that it is much more likely that someone pays up because 1) he knew he was late in paying and didn't want to lose his stuff, or 2) the storage company called him (over and over).

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