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Do you wish storage wars showed the resale end of the business more?

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Just curious if you guys wish storage wars showed more of the resale end of the business?

Obviously not as exciting as the auctions but really buying an auction as much as you profile a unit, know resale values, etc majority comes down to luck. Most of the best things I've found were hidden so as much as I'd love to give credit to myprofiling units I'd say its luck.

On the show they show a guy finding something worth 5k, take it to the expert he buys it for too high of a price and everyone goes home happy.

They don't however show the guy at the flea market really grinding it out selling quarter tshirts lol.

I think the resale end would make for kind of a boring show but maybe show 5 min at the end of an episode or something.

This whole idea of everything already having an expert buyer ready in the waiting to pay retail prices for the find is kinda lame.

But that is where all the money is at.....cultivating your contacts and sales channels.  There's not much glamorous about that, all the glamor comes from the 10k worth of crap they find in the units!  I'm still wishing they'd get around to actually showing a real live dump run, with the resulting dump bill!

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  I'm still wishing they'd get around to actually showing a real live dump run, with the resulting dump bill!

I'm with The Teacher. I've been promoting a dump run sequence every time the producers come looking for participants. I think that suggestion went straight to the dump, did not pass a locker and is doomed to never be seen on our tv screens...but if it is I will celebrate it !

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