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Auction Scene #4....April, 2014

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Auction Scene #4....April, 2014
« on: March 31, 2014, 10:57:45 PM »
It's starting to be spring out there !

And, it's the time for April fools to reverse the trend. Buy wisely, report here on April crowds, prices, and hopefully success in buying lockers.

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Re: Auction Scene #4....April, 2014
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2014, 04:17:16 PM »
Buy wisely, report here on April crowds, prices, and hopefully success in buying lockers.

You got anything for us in that department?

Re: Auction Scene #4....April, 2014
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2014, 01:15:44 AM »
This week has been a blur. Monday was a piece auction. The first day of two. 18 units took us 10 hours. Small turn out probably because it was the day after Easter. Gonna say about 25 bidders. One owner had 8 units for the two days. Full of fabric and yarn. She owned three businesses. I bought several boxes of yarn in one lot. Scored some vintage coke signage that the guys missed because they were so tired of digging through yarn. Also scored a box of Navajo pottery that should bring a very pretty penny.
Tuesday we were 9 hours on 16 units. There were actually 22 but they are holding the rest over for the next auction. We were all so sun burnt and tired. People were full and had to go back to the valley. I think prices were getting to low for the auctioneer to continue.
Wednesday was two facilities and because my truck starter went out I missed them. From reports today I am glad. Facility one advertised 16 units and ended up selling 4. I was told there was only one decent one and it went for $950. The second facility advertised 22 unit and there was only one at auction time that didn't sell. According to my friend the auctioneer was very upset because he traveled over two hundred miles to do these two auctions. 
Today ended up being three units. 8 bidders. Unit one went for $30.00 just a couple of things in it junk tool box, apartment refrigerator and a night stand. Unit two went for $150.00 to someone I had never seen at an auction. Looked like garbage to me. Unit three had 6 very dirty mattresses  and a hide-a-bed couch, some grow lights, a bar and a couple pieces of art. Went for $15.00. 
I picked up an antique drop leaf table off of facebook this afternoon for $20. It was two blocks from the store. Probably the best score of the week.

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Re: Auction Scene #4....April, 2014
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2014, 12:31:22 PM »
Here we are, almost May and I just got back from my first auction of the year.
Not many close by lately and I've been to busy during the week. 
Tend to avoid weekend auction but this was like 10 minutes away and I wasn't doing anything....

Only two units.  About forty people.....until they said two units and it dropped to 30ish.

First unit, most of you would have loved!  20x30.  Nice, and I mean NICE, furniture.  Stainless appliances with that plastic sticker (like window stickers) stuff still on it.  Older but clean *ss john dear mower.  Everything was clean, well packed, u-hail boxes.......
I went up to $1000.  Did the back away planning on letting others bid out then jump back in.  But it hit $4500.  Little to steep for me.   I was happy for the guy that got it.  He was just looking at buying a similar fridge and it was $3000.  So basically he got the unit for $1500.  Hard to be upset for not being able to get it when the winner is cool and so happy.

I got the second unit.  Except for some looky loo's everyone left when they saw it.  It was me and another guy.  $25.  Five boxes.
1) glassware, mostly chipped.
2) plates/bowls, mostly chipped
3) bathroom stuff, ugly.
4) bakeware, well used
5) bedroom/living room knick knacks

I got a few cookie sheets.  Found a set of "diamond" stud earrings.  Haven't tested, real silver base but the color and refraction seems off.  Either fake or worse quality ever sold.  Don't have high hopes. They look to me like those you get at Marshals or Sears for $49.99 during Xmas time......

So basically I paid $25 for two used cookie sheets, a $20 tax write off and a $3 coupon to value village.....

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