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From the storage manager's point of view....tales from the "crypts"

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Found this on a website that is dedicated to storage managers' procedures and problems, including their auction experiences.

Cut and Paste:

"Had an auction today, and...


Well, let me back up. The past two times we've had an auction, our owners have opted not to sell one tenant's unit because of the emotional factor. She constantly has sob stories and convinces us not to sell. She'd racked up a whopping balance and the only two times we'd had any contact with her were on those two auction dates, when she miraculously came out of hiding, got us to hold off on selling the unit, promised to pay, but you can guess how that turned out.

This morning was no exception. We had just finished selling the unit, the new owner of the contents put his lock on, and I got the call: "The tenant is here in the office." Apparently she didn't cause too much of a scene, but once she was told she had to leave the premises, she left for a few minutes and came back holding a small child - maybe 2-3 years old. She stood in the corner of our office and the two of them started to cry. I'm telling you - this girl was milking the emotional factor.

She watched as her stuff was driven away on a truck, and then (again, miraculously), the tears dried up and she went out the door shouting expletives.

Fantastic. "

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Re: From the storage manager's point of view....tales from the "crypts"
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And that is one of the reasons I hold a policy of NO CONTACT with the original tenant. YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE YOUR STUFF, PAY THE DAMN BILL.

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