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Good score today

Good score today
« on: March 26, 2012, 07:38:25 AM »
I went to another auction on March 20, 2012. I got 2 units for $150.00, and what was inside was quite a selection!  We found household items, furniture, a marble-top side table, an upright piano that needed a little TLC, a bunch of TVs (two large flatscreen that were saleable, three old ones that got e-cycled), upwards of a dozen leather coats, and even an old wool trench coat that turned out to be a Cold War era Swiss Army trench coat!  It took FOUR trailer loads to get everything home, and one load of falling-apart particle board furniture went straight to the landfill-we're not even messing with that junk!  So far we've made $130 off some of the furniture from the units, and we look to make about $500 just off the furniture and household items-this is even before the leather coats and the Swiss military coat get sold!

Re: Good score today
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2 units for $150?!  That right there is pretty impressive!
It's a rarity I see any unit go for that low lately~

Congrats on the score(s)!

Re: Good score today
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Gratz mthewho2.  I don't know where your location is but you best keep it a secret.  In the last few months I hardly even see a unit go for $50 that is EMPTY.  Anything that is even 1/2 packed, and looks to have promise is 200+.

Good luck to ya.

Re: Good score today
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Re: Good score today
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w :o W

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