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Got 2 units today

Got 2 units today
« on: January 18, 2011, 03:07:04 PM »
I had to cut the day short, and skip some of the extra locations that i did not know about.

But this turned out to be my best day ever!

I got 2 units, one unit only had one dresser in it, i paid $15.00 for it, but i think i can sell it for $75.00
It is one of those huge dressers.

In the sencond unit i got everything a man whants, lol.
I have not been able to go thru it all yet, but i will pick it up tomorrow.

But here is some of what i went thru.

One brand new meet slizer in box. unopend.
Tools and tons of tools. (tile cutter, leaf blower, showels, dolly, toolbox full of tools, 2 big car jacks, craftsman car polish buffer, ++++
2 digital cameras
One discman
A set of 4 marvel comic magazines
6 paintings
2 frames
glass ware in  boxes'
Brand new kitchen knife set, in unopend plastic wrapping
Brand new unopend Car radiator for a huge truck, not sure what car it fits on, but it was made by a company up in Canada.
2 tables

On top of this there are bout 3 or 4 boxes i have not looked thru yet. + a dufflebag i have no looked in and a few plastic bins.

I can't wait to get it inhouse tomorrow and go thru it. But money wise, this one is gonna put me way on top as the best one so far.
Ohh i had to pay $150.00 this unit. My ruff estimate tells me a value of at least $2000.00

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