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My first unit

My first unit
« on: September 04, 2011, 01:43:07 PM »
I live in Central Oregon, and surprisingly there are a lot storage auctions.  I'm not going to lie, I became really fascinated with storage auctions because of the main stream shows.  I'm not some brainless media drone though.  I knew going in it was going to be a lot of work and that the units the show on tv are probably 1 of 20 bought.  I went to my first auction on a friday in Redmond, there was 6 units up for auction, and i got beat on all 6 or didn't bid because the the unit was trash.  I finally got a unit on a thursday in Prinevile.  I t was the only locker of the day, and i was determined to buy something.  I got the unit got 60 bucks, and it turned into a really good profit.  At first glance the locker looked like a 99% dump run, but it actually had some gems.  The first thing i noticed was the PS2 in the box, which i knew would be at least 20 bucks on craigs.  I noticed this one box that was open and a blanket was covering most of the top and only exposing a corner to see in.  I noticed very quickly that there was one cable box receivers.  Here in central oregon there is really only one cable provider, and if you have bad credit they charge a 300 deposit for those receivers.  So I knew this locker had some hidden value.  Only one guy was bidding against me, and he gave up at $60.  Here is a pic of the unit. [IMG=][/IMG]

Uploaded with

It only took me one dump run, and 3 hours to clear this unit out.

Contents found:

Two HD DVR cable boxs ( sold both for 220 on ebay)

Ps2 (35 on ebay)

little wood cabinet  ( 10 on craigs)

Gold & Silver  rings ( 250 at some local pawn shop )

Sony car AMP ( 20 bucks on ebay)

and a bunch of odd little ends that i sold for 70 on ebay.

I easily made my money back x10 on this unit.  I'm not going to quit my day job, but this is a great way for some supplemental income ( which everyone can use in this economy )  Looking forward to the next one.

Re: My first unit
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Nice unit and profit.  Did you happen to organize things before you took the pic?  If not, I think you've got some seriously underbidding people.  Very good day, and congrats on starting off on the right foot.  Good luck in the future on new units.

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Re: My first unit
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Re: My first unit
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Yes i had to move some stuff there was no way to walk around in there. At the first glance it looked to be just clothes, since all the trash bags of doom were up front.

Re: My first unit
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Thanks for the info.  I'm going to be bidding again in about ten days on a few  more units.  I think we'll start a game on here, if the mod agree's.  Post a pic of the unit, untouched.  Then let everyone list what they think it went for.
   Finally, list our treasures and finds, and what we paid for it, it would be both educational and fun, I think.

Re: My first unit
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That's a great idea.

Re: My first unit
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Comgrats!way to score.

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