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Auction today: 14 units advertised, 6 units were available at time of auction. 47 registered bidders. Roughly 100 people.

Cheapest unit went for $190. Contained "firewood" (i.e. particle board tv stand and cheap head board), a Hat box, and a computer chair with a rip in the fabric. The tv stand was even busted.

Most expensive went for $790. A 10x10 packed to the brim with crap. A solid wood tv cabinet that had been painted at least twice, looked to be able to fit a 27-32" TV. A piano that you could barely see but the edge you could see was beat to hell. Boxes full of stuffed animals. Lots of trash bags with clothes were visible. The individual that bought this unit immediately started calling people to borrow their trucks to move the stuff out.

One unit climate controlled: contained some O.K. furniture and misc. items. Went for $775. I thought $350 would have been a good buy on it.
Anywho, it was a long and boring day. The auction was run by the manager and she ran the auction in $10 increments. Starting at $25 for every unit.

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Re: Today
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Sounds like Kentucky is still in the midst of locker fever. At least you got some exposure to
more units and bidding....that will serve you well as the months go along.

Re: Today
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Yeah......There is an 11 unit auction coming up on Tues. and roughly 90 on Thurs., so I should find a buy between the two.


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