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First auction today in roughly 5 years. Showed up to register. The manager says the auction was cancelled. Supposed to be 5 units as advertised from 3 days ago. I get a few of them paying up, but all 5?? I asked him what happened......"We, uhh, are uhh, trying to get away from doing those anymore." So I ask what happens when they don't pay or come to pick up their stuff. "We, uhh, are uhh just going to let them pick it up for free or throw it in the dumpster."

Now, if this were a mom and pop storage center, I would think they would have had someone to come clean them out or sell the units privately. But this is a U-haul storage facility. I drove through the parking lot and I would guess there were about 125 units. I counted 28 "double locks" and notices.

Is this common? Thoughts on what may be going on?

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Re: Today
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Is this common? Thoughts on what may be going on?

Common? Not that common.

Going on?  Skullduggery, shennanigans, and crookedness; especially considering it's a chain. Go on the internet
and find an email or phone number for a national rep; let them know what happened and see if they respond to you.

I liked the "uh, uh, " funny !

Re: Today
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The reason I actually drove through the center was to make sure that he was not just turning people away so his buddy could be a lone bidder or keeping the population as low as possible. He was just stammering too much for there to be any real conviction to what he was saying. I have been in sales all my life and can deliver a line of BS and not even flinch. This guy was VERY uncomfortable with what he was doing.

I'll take your advice and give them a call. Thanks.

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